Lenka Gaborová (Her Girlfriends)

   Lenka is a very pretty girl 30 years old (begins 2013) from Czech Republic. She is a well known and recognized pornstar who started at 20 years old in 2002 appearing in very many photo galleries before shooting in a lot of porn movies.
   She has put a brake on her career since 2008 to devote herself to more personal occupations. Maybe she is considering her real return soon.
   Meanwhile, Lenka was able to realize everything she had dreamed of; become model and actress before being recognized after having known success. She is very proud of it and has forged her character in the image of
Silvia Saint or Jana Cová.
   This girl is of rare delicacy and beauty. She is intelligent, rather discreet but, of course, she does not hide her pride to have become famous thanks to her beauty, her strong sensuality and her big appetite for sex. It is the fruit of this liberation of manners and of the sexual revolution in the Eastern countries. A manna for the sex industry that this generation of babes of which Monika is a part.
   This girl canon has turned into many porn movies and some erotic clips.
   Lenka is a no taboo girl. She appears as well with girls as with men, in hardcore, lesbian or anal scenes. In all her appearances Lenka gives herself by showing us all her hotest and most "salacious". But there is nothing shocking when done with natural and without simulation. Like many Czech girls, practicing pornography and posing nude remains not only a means of earning a living, but also a way to express oneself, to flourish and to discover new sensations, all with naturalness, charm and beauty, peculiar to the daughters of Central and Eastern Europe countries.
   Lenka, like many girls of Czech origin, made a strong impression when she came to the forefront 2 years ago.
   Lenka, like
Ariel, Eufrat, Carmen Cocks, Renata or Roxy including my beloved Monika, have revolutionized the world of charm and pornography. Beauty, sensuality, naturalness and authenticity were once again at the rendezvous of desires and pleasures, and this for our greatest happiness.

   In short, Lenka is a superb cannon and a very hot girl. It reads on her face and in her eyes.
   This girl has a very pretty face of the Eurasian type rather unusual. It does not look like any other. This is what made her fame in addition to her beautiful body. Her gaze with hazel eyes express an intense sensuality, underlined by a very expressive mouth with luscious lips.
   As mentioned above, her body is perfect; a neck and shoulders fine, a very strong breast (95D) with beautiful natural and lively tits. Besides, she attached great importance to it and was very proud of it. I love them, especially when I contemplate them while agitating during her somersaults. It causes me a powerful orgasm during the screening of her porn scenes that reminds me of my encounters with my girlfriend with big heads (90E)...     Go for a ride in the "
Videos" section by clicking "Videos of Lenka", you discover one of my favorite porn movies.
   Her beautiful face, big natural tits, Lenka is undoubtedly well provided but the rest is just as appetizing.
   Her very slender waist contrasts with her big chest, but also with her wide hips hence the incredible Lenka's high heels. This is all the more rare as I love watching girls walk like this.
   Lenka has a big shaved pussy, apart from a clump of hair covering a long slit, she even hiding difficult pretty thick sluts she does not hesitate to spread to reveal a large wet vulva, while the entrance of her incredibly fleshy and festooned vagina, often oozing from cyprin betraying her excitement.
   Lenka is, like many babes of her temper, made for sex, fuck, delusions and delights...! Without wanting to add, many of these girls are of Czech origin... So...!
   It is not finished ! And her ass? You will tell me.
   After her single pussy, Lenka has a superb pair of buttocks in the image of her wide hips. She spreads them very often to make us discover a large ass with many creases and very well adapted to the anal sex.
   There is no need to say. This is, along with that of
Melisa, like that of Monika, one of the most beautiful asses I can contemplate. Especially with their gaunt step...
   Her legs are not outdone, so his thighs or her calves to appreciate their curves...

   Unique beauty, very special charm, strong sensuality, legitimate pride, discretion and character, these are what best define this extraordinary girl with short career but dazzling, waiting for her eventual return to the front of the stage.

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Lenka Gaborová's profile (aka Kelly Thomas or Sarah Lost):

Lenka was born on August 23rd, 1982 in
Prague (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Lenka Gaborová
Astrological sign: Virgo
Measurements: 36D-24-36
Size: 5' 4"
Weight: 108 lbs
Hazel eyes
Brown hair
Special features: piercing on the navel.

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