Renata Daninsky (Her Girlfriends)

   Here is another very pretty girl, a super cannon 31 years old (2012) of Czech origin. This is Renata Daninsky, better known by the nickname "Peach" by French fishing, summer fruit extremely tasty and juicy in reference to her two big breasts and especially her pussy shaped peach pit...
   Renata is a superb girl devoted by
Penthouse Magazine as a model of November 2004, having started very young and very early for teenage fashion pictures (1995). She retired in 2006 after having filmed some porn scenes first with girls and then more rarely with men.
   Otherwise Renata wears her pseudo. Indeed, everything in her makes my mouth water.
   Her pretty face off high forehead, lights her color doe eyes hazel by an incredibly exciting pout, this round a small thin nose and a small fine and very sensual mouth. She is then cracking when she radiates her ingenuous smile over her shoulder.
   It is the vision of her perfect body that transcends me.
   Renata has a superb pair of natural and firm boobs that come alive and bounce, whether in photos or videos.
   Her slender waist is superbly enhanced by her generous chest, but her most exciting physical feature is her pussy; a shaved pussy in the shape of a heart guiding towards very large lips with a wide slit like the gorges of a river. Renata then becomes a sacred naughty when she spreads her "core" to make us discover two pretty petals purple and fleshy...
   It is then that I start to fantasize a max by her striking resemblance with my girlfriend; same age (33 years old for my girlfriend), same size or almost (5' 1" for my lovely) even silhouette, a pretty mouth, even small nose end, even facial expression (face thinner for honey) and especially a big pair of breasts almost identical with their large areolas (90E for my beloved beauty) that I take pleasure in kneading, swinging and sucking... in any case, I saw our moments of pure happiness just by viewing these Photos...
   Going back to Renata, she is and will remain for me a way to keep when I have not at my side, an erotic vision, alive and full of fantasies of my lovely heart, dear loved...!
   In short, Renata is a super hot girl and a Top-model perfect body, a juicy summer fruit, appetizing and taste of inimitable fishing... A real fantasy feast!

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Renata Haberlová's profile (aka Renata Daninsky or Peach):

Renata was born on September 17th, 1981 in
Brno (Czech Republic).
Place of residence:
Birthname: Renata Haberlová
Astrological sign: Virgo
Measurements: 34D-23-34
Size: 5' 3"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hazel eyes
Blonde hair on her pictures.
Special features: piercing on the navel and tongue.

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