Roxy Carter (Her Girlfriends)

   Here is a very pretty girl from this real "Kingdom" that is the Czech Republic where live the most beautiful female creatures natural and without artifices of Europe and even the World. This is Veroniká Hanaková aka Roxy Carter.
   She was 32 years old on April 5th, 2013 and is the oldest of my small panel of Czech beauties presented on my site after
Jana Cová (32 years). Indeed, Roxy began her career in 2000 at the age of 19 and remains still active, a record of longevity. What is appreciable to the look and the follow-up of her superb physics throughout her career.
   This girl is a gun of 6' 5" and an outstanding professional. She is a very tall girl at the same time a superb top model. Indeed, on the sites devoting her, there is a tendency to cheat on the size of mannequins as one could notice with Monika: 5' 5" instead of 5' 1" and here with Veroniká: 5' 7" instead of 6' 5". For in Have a clean heart go for a walk on the
site of Pierre Woodman. Veroniká is above all a model of very productive charm, if only the very large number of links and sets of photos made during the last decade.
   We can discover Veroniká in some erotic videos rather soft. I did not find porn videos about her.
   It must be said that Veroniká has a dream body. What strikes her is her air of eternal adolescence especially at the beginning of her career. It emerges from her first photos, an incredible mixture of natural and candor in this girl. It is her face that attracts me most at home and which gives Veroniká this strand of innocence at once natural and captivating as are the real lolitas.
   Veroniká has magnificent attires. A very pretty face with a superb glance, a long nose, a luscious mouth but her fine chin gives this air of eternal teenage girl to Veroniká.
   Then, my eyes caress a delicate neck and thin shoulders. I linger on her beautiful breasts that without being very imposing, remain the most beautiful tits of all the girls I present on my site. For me they are perfect, natural, firm, living, betraying the state of excitement of Veroniká during her photo shoots.
   I go down on her body, her belly, her fine waist, arrives on her broad hips before approaching her shaved pussy except a small tuft of hair covering a small slit where hide small wet lips often. The pussy of Veroniká resembles that of Monika except that there you can really see her clitoris emerging from under a "hood" very short when spreading her petals...
   Veroniká turns and there, we can discover a wonder, a beautiful ass, one of the most beautiful I have seen on the net except that of my two dreams, Monika and my girlfriend... I love to contemplate the ass Veroniká and I do not hide the number of times I was able to enjoy scrutinizing her buttocks apart adorned with his hole ball and petals reddened with pleasure...
   I glide my eyes, my heart and my cock throbbing, on the beautiful legs of Veroniká caressing them, before going up on her ass and pussy, her beautiful teases, her face and again on her pussy ajar to enjoy ejaculating long under my screen, so satisfying what gives me the most joy and pleasure in my life: my attraction for pretty girls, beauty, charm, dreams, love and caresses with my girlfriend darling...
   Veronika, aka Roxy Carter, is undoubtedly the queen of the Monika's "Girlfriend"...!

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Veroniká Hanaková's profile (aka Roxy Carter or Veronica Drake):

Roxy was born on April 5th, 1981 in the province of
Jihočeský kraj (Czech Republic).
Birthname: Veroniká Hanaková
Astrological sign: Aries
Measurements: 36C-24-36
Size: 6' 5"
Weight: 136 lbs
Hazel eyes
Brown hair
Special feature: a tatoo on the top of the right arm representing a spider.

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