Ariel (Her Girlfriends)

     Here is a girl that I find beautiful and beautiful at the same time.
   Superb for her beauty and her extraordinary charm. Indeed, she is very pretty, she has an angel face like barely out of adolescence, fine and regular features with beautiful green eyes shining thanks to her red hair and colorful, which gives her a style so particular. What also makes her magnetic charm is the contrast between her hair and the pallor of her skin. She reminds me of a pretty fairy appearing in all her splendor at the turn of a tree in bloom...
   This is what makes me say that Gabriela (or Ariel according to sites) is a muse, an artistic and poetic inspirer. It is in this that She is magnificent...
   She is tall and very sexy, her body is very attractive. I love her breasts, they are natural and rebounded, they have a pretty shape as drawn by a very generous Nature, and especially they are alive whatever the pose.
   The poses, Gabriela is not stingy. She is an artist born and very naughty. You will see suggestive poses and very explicit. One never tires to contemplate her pussy like a ripe apricot with a wide slit surmounted by a few hair in tuft, hiding small lips and discovering a wet intimacy... It is all the more exciting when she enjoys to "pick up"...
   Exciting also to the contemplation of her pretty ass buttocks rebounded that for my part I love to watch when she is back, side, on the belly or on 4 legs with legs more or less spread.
   Very, very pleasant to contemplate when she is standing face to naked with her pretty face at the same time as her hips wide and welcoming. A real treat !
   I will finish on the fineness of her legs at the same time as their shapes thanks to pretty curves.
   Gabriela is a very pretty girl at the same time natural, sensual and artist with a subtle mixture of poetry, charm and sex. A magnificent erotic muse.

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Gabriela Lupinková profile (aka Ariel):

Ariel was born on June 25th, 1984 in
Prague (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Gabriela Lupinková
Astrological sign: Cancer
Measurements: 32C-25-33
Size: 5' 6"
Weight: 114 lb
Green eyes
Hair colored in red

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