Silvia Saint (Her Girlfriends)

   Silvie Tomčalová aka Silvia Saint is a very pretty girl or rather a very beautiful woman 37 years old (2013) Czech origin now and therefore she is the dean of the "friends" of Monika. I wanted to unveil this pretty girl because she is partly at the origin of the sexual revolution of eastern countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia,...) with the appearance of the prettiest girls in the world 'They are top-models or actresses pornos and indulging in glamor or sex.
   Silvia was born in 1976 in the former
Czechoslovakia. She is one of those girls who took advantage of the Berlin Wall fall to come to the West and start a career in pornography.
   Before entering the sex industry and after two years of study in
Brno (Czech Republic) in a management school, Silvia became hotel manager in Zin (Czech Republic) and was employed as an accountant and coordinator Of a company's marketing. Silvia is far from being an idiot as one might think. It is her taste for pleasures and the search for a real pecuniary independence that drives her to undress by moving towards the photo of charm, first in underwear and then posing completely naked. Then, it takes very little to Silvia to turn her first scenes "hard".
   So she quickly became a porn movies actress at the age of 20, and it can be said that Silvia was very successful in her orientation by shooting with producers like
Marc Dorcel in France and Private in the United States. Silvia is one of the most well-known European porn actresses in the United States.
   She began her career in porn in 1996 thanks to her boyfriend of the time, participating in a casting where she made a strong impression.
Soon after she turned her first porn scene in "Lee Nover: Search for the perfect breasts".
   It was consecrated to the Czech Penthouse Pet in 1996 before the US edition in 1997 and 1998.
   Silvia then became very famous and filmed many films first in Europe then in the United States, some with big budgets. Thus she met the inescapable
Rocco Siffredi in 2004 after having participated in some French productions in 1999 and 2001.
She stops her career momentarily, already full, in March 2001 because of maternity. She made her return in 2004 and remains still active by creating her own site. An outstanding professional Silvia!
   Because of her beauty, her class and especially her strong personality, Silvia has become a true icon and a top model for a whole generation of girls from the eastern countries like The
Czech Republic, who embark on the charm and Pornography. I have already introduced you, for example, Jana Oujeská aka Jana Cová, a pretty Polish-born girl who settled in Prague and who took a lot of inspiration from Silvia's journey, and even shot together in lesbian scenes.
   So during her 5 years of full career, Silvia shot no fewer than 262 films between 1997 and 2001. It is both rare and exceptional.
   She received her first award in 1998 in the United States with the
Adult Video Nude Award. In 2000, she was awarded the Hot d'Or for "Best Actress in Europe" for "The Contract of Angels" and in 2005 the "Torino Sex 2005" award at the "Delta de Venus" festival in Turin for the ensemble of her career.
   She is sometimes present on certain salons of eroticism which have more and more success in France. Opportunity dreamed to approach a true and authentic pornstar.
   Silvia Saint, besides her celebrity in pornography, is considered the European actress who has revolutionized the world of X as a whole by bringing a new breath to the pornographic industry in particular. Indeed, Eastern Europe after the "iron curtain" broke out in 1989, revealed an unsuspected potential in the domain of charm with the appearance of natural beauties and without artifices wishing to discover the freedom, The pleasures of life and the business world. In addition to being pretty, these girls from the East are extraordinarily refined and intelligent like Silvia but also Olivia La Roche, Ariel and Monika Veselá.

   But we must not delude ourselves, it is essentially because of her exceptional physique that she has become what she is. Indeed, Silvia is a true canon of beauty. She has perfect shapes and plastic.
   After the reviews of charms such as Playboy, Penthouse, Lui, Club International to name but a few, it was computing and digital that allowed me to dedicate myself to my favorite occupation, my first collection of Pictures of charm and where Silvia had a privileged place. It was with her that I enjoyed the most on the screen.
   The first time I saw her on the web in 1998 with my first PC, it is her young face fresh and smiling at the same time as her superb bluish look and mischievous that seduced me. Silvia has a nice look, a high and wide forehead, revealing a superb blond mane and underlined by exceptional eyebrows very thin which gives her this bewitching look. Her fine little nose and mouth with luscious lips are chewable.
   Going down on her body, I discover a thin and delicate neck, broad shoulders from which leave fine muscular arms. Silvia is a natural beauty away from Anglo-Saxon silicon guns and I was very excited to discover her natural breasts that come alive during her somersaults. I do not count the number of times I shook myself admiring her boobs agitate...
   Exceptional her size at the same time as its abdominal musculature letting me suppose that Silvia practices the fitness to maintain her endurance during her performances with the men...
   I come to what made Silvia's fame. I want to talk about her ass and her pussy. Two wonders among the wonders.
   Indeed, this adorable girl, this exceptional and unique canon has one of the most beautiful ass in all the Universe, apart from that of my girlfriend and Monika. Her ass has two superbly muscular buttocks. By removing this one, Silvia makes me discover a pretty small bullet hole with the sphincter finely pleated and virgin of all hair. But the wonder of wonders is her pussy. A pretty and wide slit surmounted by a small clump of blond hair at the Monika and with two small lips flesh that Silvia spreads to make me drool. It is in fact revealing a wet vulva under a clitoris discreetly pointing under her long "hood" and with the rare vision of her urethra orifice and the incredibly festooned entrance of her vagina, that Silvia manages to make me enjoy a long time and strongly.
   Silvia is a superb cannon, all the more true because she has an exceptional muscle that recalls that of
Ashley Robbins. Silvia has beautiful legs superbly curved prolonging her adorable buttocks. She is one of the few girls who gets me to ejaculate by watching the exceptional curve of her calves.
   I will not hide if I tell you that I have hard on a bit only by matting the vibrating calves of girls and young women, especially when arrives spring and they wear the skirt and high heels...
   Silvia is the first chick, through the internet, who revealed my true nature with girls and it was with her that I learned virtually before Monika, to discover my nudity by practicing naturism, to have confidence In itself daring truly seduce the girls and perfect my sexual techniques with the girls before meeting my girlfriend in 2002.
Silvia Saint was and remains for me a REVELATION!!

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Silvie Tomčalová's profile (aka Silvia Saint):

Silvia was born on February 12nd, 1976 in
Kyjov (Czech Republic).
Current Residence:
Birthname: Silvie Tomčalová
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Measurements: 36B-23-36
Size: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Blue eyes
Blond hair
Special feature: piercing on the navel.

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