Melisa Mendiny (Her Girlfriends)

   Melisa is a Czech beauty 27 years old (2012), appeared in 2007 for the biggest happiness of sex sluts and pretty girls. Moreover her career is taking off very quickly because of her captivating beauty, charismatic charm, simplicity, availability and kindness. It is enough to see the impressive amount of links dedicating her following her appearance in Playboy.
   Melisa, or Kristiná, her real name that I adore and that suits her so well, is a very pretty girl, small (5' 2") but super good fuck with an angelic face.
   This girl has a very nice cat look that a simple smile illuminates thanks to her very pretty blue eyes. She reminds me of this superb and famous Anglo-Saxon actress, Charlotte Rampling with a lioness.
   The delicacy of her face gives Kristiná an air that is at the same time mischievous and candid as at the end of adolescence. But this is not the case if you glance at your body.
   This girl is a superb cannon. She has a dream body.
   A thin and delicate neck on shoulders not less fine and caressing ...
   I love her small tits superbly drawn with big nipples pointing like shells, especially when Melisa enjoys during her photo and video sessions...
   Her fine waist is highlighted by hips wide and welcoming with a shaved pussy, except a tuft of hair, like that of Monika. On closer inspection, there will be discovered a "hood" and small fleshy lips often wet with pleasure scarcely masking a clitoris that swell under the caresses of her fingers.
   But the peculiarity of Kristiná and not the least, is her ass. It is magnificent, especially as her broad hips and her camber superbly highlights a pair of muscular buttocks well rebounded, especially when she squirms...
   This ass is doing the celebrity of Melisa, or Kristiná. In any case it is a real treat...!
   My glittering glance then descends, along her beautiful legs delighting her muscular thighs, the same curves of her calves.
   In short Melisa or Kristiná is a canon girl with charismatic and enchanting beauty, touched by a face and an angel smile!

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Kristiná Uhrinová's profile (aka Melisa Mendiny or Carrie Dufour):

Melisa was born on November 25th, 1985 in
Brno (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Kristiná Uhrinová
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Measurements: 34B-24-38
Size: 5' 2"
Weight: 101 lbs
Blue eyes
Brown hair

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