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"The shortest way from pleasure to happiness is through tenderness."

   Here is the heart of my site, the real part devoted to this beautiful girl and naughty. This girl I adore because of her irresistible beauty, her grace, her kindness and especially her incredible natural as well as her mesmerizing magnetism.
   To discover her beauty and her charms, you just have to click on the photos below before going to download all the corresponding albums.
   Also find her in my
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   My photo albums will now be grouped by 10 thus forming super albums for a better comfort at the level of the display. Thus my 28,502 photos of my pretty Monika representing 85 albums, are themselves distributed in 9 "super-albums".

   Enjoy it at will! My site is the only one to offer all the pictures of Monika for FREE in the form of albums! For now, there are 85

   As reported in my post of January 26th, 2022 from My Blog, I am very, very happy to be able to offer you 293 new photos of my dear and tender after having gleaned in the mysteries of the net. 

   All of my photos are presented in the form of albums and are my ultimate collection, for now, of photos of this gorgeous babe that is my Monika. 

   And I continue and will continue to search until total exhaustion of what she was able to reveal of her body during her nine years during which she posed (2002 to 2011).

    What do you want me to say, I'm more than a fan, I'm a Monika's lover!

In the meantime, it's up to you! Click on the photos and then on the thumbnails!

Have fun...!!!

Monika I

Monika 1 to Monika 10

2,373 pics

Monika II

Monika 11 to Monika 20
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Monika III

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Monika IV

Monika 31 to Monika 40
4,904 pics

Monika V

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3,689 pics

Monika VI

Monika 51 to Monika 60
3,990 pics

Monika VII

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Monika VIII

Monika 71 to Monika 79
2,010 pics

Monika IX

Monika 81 to Monika 85
1,325 photos

Monika 1

181 photos

Monika 2

188 photos

Monika 3

185 photos

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