Presentation of Monika

"Dreams are the fuel that feeds the fire of desire." Andrew Williams

   Above all, I dedicate this site to the beauty, charm and glamor of all the pretty girls who inhabit our planet. For me, it is assured that only femininity, in addition to a certain virility (currently deformed, sterile, violent and become too unhealthy), is likely to awaken in us that complementarity essential to happiness and that gives a true meaning to our lives...

Discovery of Monika VESELÁ

   In the realm of the pretty girls of the East, a plethora of Top Models have emerged since the fall of the Berlin Wall, each one as magnificent as the other. It continues to appear a number of very pretty girls in these countries. Europe has thus become a bottomless pit in terms of glamor and charming castings. Indeed, some of these beauties take advantage of this freedom and the discovery of their bodies by making a career in porn. Others, finally, prefer to pose for photos of charms and it is among these last that in the fall of 2008 I fell, say, "in love" - in any case, I would have the love at first sight if I had in front of me in flesh and charms - from a chick, a very pretty brunette who had just celebrated her 25th birthday, of Czech origin, Monika VESELÁ alias Kiki Klement, her artistic pseudonym.

   And it was in January 2009 that I decided to create a site on this girl to testify my adoration for this natural beauty and without artifice and to make known and discover in France to the worshipers of pretty girls coming from the Eastern countries and addicted of sex without vulgarity.
   Besides, I'm still attracted to this 35 years old girl now and I only wish for one thing, while dreaming is to get in touch with her and meet her. My site is also there to maintain and feed this fire of desire as before a real meeting with the coveted girl...

   Here, my favorite model, is the prettiest brunette of charm I am allowed to contemplate, to admire, before fantasizing, on the net. Formidable tool and unexpected that is internet for this girl and for her fans of which I am a part. Who can reproach me? Beauty remains the only true and eternal quality that leads to absolute happiness.

   Admire her extraordinary plastic...

   You can download all of her photos and videos for free as ZIP files by downloading Monika's albums or by visiting Videos page at Monika's Videos. I remind you that my site is completely free.

Monika's profile (aka Kiki Klement):

Monika was born on September 1st, 1983
in Prague (Czech Republic)
Current place of residence:
Roudnice Nad Labem (Czech Republic), a village on the banks of Elbe river in Litoměřice district, about 30 km NNW Prague.
Astrological sign: Virgo
Measurements: 34B-24-34
Size: 5' 1"
Weight: 101 lbs
Hazel eyes
Dark hair
Particularity: a beautiful
tattoo style Tribal 
lower back that puts superbly in value her dream camber, buttocks and a fortiori her ass which is a marvel of perfection...
Favorite hobbies: body maintenance, fitness, dance, disco music, cinema (at home), fashion, swimming, naturism, motorcycle, among others and... sex!
Professional activities: model of charm from 2002 to 2011. In 2006 she is sacred as being the prettiest brunette of sexy charm of the year, it is the beginning of the celebrity. Real estate agent officially since April 2013 (for more details, see the paragraph
Monika rhymes with charm, elegance, intelligence and discretion, the new life of Monika").

Mmmmh, this young body haloed a very pretty face...!

...this eternal juvenile freshness...!

...these adorable little breasts swollen with desire...!

...this arched and desirable ass...!

...this ass with muscular buttocks, a beautiful and appetizing mold...!

...this ass to the ball hole a smiling hair, this pussy to the tantalizing goatee...!

...this pussy overflowing with nectar...!

...this pussy dripping with desire and pleasure...!

...these stunning legs...!

...this incredible magical and bewitching beauty...!

The charms of Monika

  Monika has a very pretty face with a warm and mysterious look, a beautiful silhouette, small natural and firm breasts that are eye-catching when excited, hipy hips with juvenile shapes. And her little ass, a wonder with her round buttocks. And her legs superbly arched, real dumbbells of mannequins. Yes, Monika is a small cannon and a real little bomb !!

  Indeed, and more in detail, the beauty of Monika lies mainly in her marvelous proportions. Her whole body is a harmonious spectacle of natural and sensual curves loaded with intense eroticism.
  Her skin is usually tanned uniformly, proof that Monika practices naturism in addition to her tanning sessions. You will have noticed, on some of her photos taken outdoors, it appears on her skin a very fine down that covers all her forms visible against daylight at sunset. I imagine that it amplifies her excitement, in addition to mine, when she poses naked under a soft and gentle sea breeze...
  Her face is very harmonious. Her nut-colored doe eyes possess a strong sensual charge with a very expressive, warm and mysterious look that gives Monika a unique and unusual presence during her photo and video sessions. I am in ecstasy before her unique profile which reminds me of the ancient sketches of the Greek divinities. There is in Monika a mediterranean side that escapes no one especially when lingering on her mouth with luscious lips.
  Her seductive weapon, in addition to her sensual gaze and the perfection of her body, is the mutinous expression and style "babyface" of her face with this adolescent side conferred by her lower cheeks and the corners of her lips, which make me crack and make her famous.
   Her breasts are a unique example; they are natural, firm, living with a very slight asymmetry of form, very characteristic, which catches the eye (at least I have noticed! And you?) Indeed, without removing anything from the harmony of her forms, on the contrary, one will notice her straight breast slightly more bulging and heavier than her left breast more pointed. It is very appreciable to be able to watch her adorable little tits, from all angles, dangling or oscillating with her body, especially when Monika is excited. One can then appreciate her nipples which inflate bringing out the relief of her nipples, especially when the sun is reflected there...
  Monika is very small, 5' 1", well fucked with ideal proportions, sweet little natural breasts, a beautiful ass and a waist circumference exceptional for her template. Likewise for her ideal hips, unique witnesses of a certain juvenile freshness...
  Her little shaved pussy, apart from a small tuft in fine, black line pointing in the form of a feather, towards her long "hood" between her labia majora, is characteristic and recognizable among a thousand. In fact, before shaving a part of the pussy, Monika possessed a fleece fairly well supplied at her beginnings (between 19 and 20 years old) which covered her domed pubis, commonly called "mount of Venus", as well as her adorable little "Apricot" which swells, blush and "ripens" incredibly when she enjoys revealing her pink labia minora full of desires and half apart during her photos and videos sessions... (Hummm, as I would like to taste!) Hence, only her small "bullet's hole" testifies of this old fleece pubescent by a fine black down visible around her anus... It is unique and extremely exciting...!
   On a closer look at her intimacy, we discover, a very nice little "apricot" revealing labia minora often parted, proof of her excitment, wet and surmounted by the "hood" hiding her clitoris which swells during her poses and erotic demonstrations at the same time, the fantastic reliefs lining her wet vulva around the entrance of her narrow vagina (her penetration must be treated and the sensations guaranteed especially with a thick tail like mine for example (1.7"!) and with my big glans penis well lubricated 
...) and the orifice of her urethra. To really see her little button, Monika has to open or be spread as far as possible her two small petals while shifting her long "hood"; Example with the video where she is in duo with Anetta, specifically towards the end of video 41 "Monika & Anetta Brunettes" to the page "Videos of Monika V" of my site.
  It will be noticed then that her petals and her vulva often blush with pleasure by sometimes dripping cyprin, proof that Monika enjoys in her photo and video sessions... or else she just bursts before working either making love, or by masturbating... She arrives thus to join the useful to the pleasant, the naughty...!
   It is besides the vision of her intimacy imbued with desires and pleasures, at the same time as the contemplation of her very pretty face, which give me incredible orgasms that only Monika comes to give me when I masturbate before her, whether in photos or videos.
    On the other hand, her pretty round ass with round butt is superbly enhanced by a perfect camber, decorated with a superb
Tribal tattoo at the lower back, making it, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful asses of all the Universe...
    In addition and to top it all, Monika possesses, for her size, incredible and superb thin legs with the curves and the musculature of real Top-models that make me get an hard-on systematically...

    In short, Monika has a dream body...!

   For me, the beauty of this girl has something mysterious, contrasting with an insolent natural; her sweet face, her luscious lips, and her bewitching, bewitching look, with a smile on her face and a smile, framed in black hair, gives Monika a strong sensuality, a wild and magical splendor, fire latent, ready to come alive for our greatest pleasure... While being very sexy and sensual, her power of seduction is out of the ordinary. It is the typical girl of my fantasies, feminine with all her soul and all her body but where reflects this something a little masculine... That's why I prefer, by far, the brown!

Monika model of charm

   Monika appears in pictures from 2002 to 19 years, in the wake of her sister Diana, model of charm older than she but less pretty and much less known. In spite of its candor, it is revealed and flourishes quickly thanks to her increasingly suggestive poses that have the effect of a bomb as many photographers will argue her favors so that she can pose in front of their goal.
  However, she not boasts because she is kind rather nice and discreet, sometimes even a little shy at the sight of some interview but still very soft and intelligent. With a strong personality, she will keep this attitude throughout her career, which is not to displease, quite the contrary.
  From the beginning, the young Monika is obviously quickly spotted to become a model, but because of her small size (5' 1") she prefers to devote herself to pictures of charm. The choice of wanting to pose completely naked was progressive. Indeed, Monika first appears in lingerie at the beginning of her career before getting really naked quickly enough by showing off all her intimacy without taboo or almost. And it is her great ease of adaptation to the lens and her flexibility of mind, which enable her, and this is all to her advantage, to appear both in poses worthy of the finest mannequins as in artistic nudes or the so-called explicit poses during which she enjoys the views of her cyprine secretions well visible on some of her photos and videos... Thus, she joins the useful to the pleasant... That is why she makes her job. A profession that brings her an incontestable celebrity thanks to her charisma and personality.
   In 2006, Monika, by virtue of her beauty and professionalism, became THE most sexy brunette on the web and THE glamor model of reference in Europe where the magazines of charm (Hustler, Penthouse, Playboy in particular) devoting her are broadcast very broadly. Very well known since then, whether in Germany, Italy or the countries of the East especially, she quickly becomes an actress of erotic films rather soft and little known to the public. It is for this reason that I sincerely wish to make her known or better known in France, thanks to my site, with her photos and videos in particular.
  It is important to note that Monika has never filmed porn videos with men, but it can be discovered in solo videos or more rarely in a duet, very exciting, striking in nature, sensuality and elegance, only with her body (which she maintains with great care) and her caresses, without dildos (she has a holy horror), nor the fingers inside the vagina. She posed with other girls in her early days (she was 19 or 20 years old), simulating lesbian scenes very hot without going beyond the kiss and cunnilingus stage. She never repeated the experience to avoid pornography. In my opinion, it is a proof of intelligence, a keen sense of business and an added value on her future. Moreover, she maintains her mystery and gives her even more class, without an ounce of vulgarity. Moreover, you can discover rare and sought-after photos on my site (see
Monika 64), because it is essential in my opinion to show and unveil all the facets of this super canon that is my Monika!
   Monika currently lives in a village on the banks of the
Elbe about 30 km NNW of Prague, Roundnice Nad Labem, in the Litoměřice district.

   According to some of my information gleaned from the net, her favorite pastimes, in addition to taking care of her body, are: fitness, shopping, motorcycle adventure with her circle of friends or doing naturism on the beaches of the Mediterranean; So it seems that one can sometimes meet her on the beaches of the Majorca island in summer...
   Still according to some of my sources, she often relaxes in front of her favorite movies, loves to dance and enjoys listening to disco and techno music. This is not surprising to the views and how she squirms in her videos. It is also, according to my sources, a sex addict, nothing surprising to this either to the views of her photo sessions and especially videos where she masturbates... This is how Monika becomes an expert to trigger desire and enjoyment...

   This is not a scoop but it could look like it, Monika has a Facebook account that she created in 2011 in connection with her new life and career that took a major turn in 2013 (see next chapter).

Monika rhymes with charm, elegance, intelligence and discretion; The new life of Monika

   Yes, Monika has changed her life by changing jobs! Indeed, I recently discovered that she had been acting as a real estate agent since April 2013 in her native village, Roundnice Nad Labem, on behalf of a real estate agency, DUMREALIT where she started in 2006 at the same time as her career of Top model therefore. At the same time, she became a business woman by holding 2/3 of the shares of a real estate company, which I will not name, located in Prague. Also, and in view of the comments of her clients satisfied with her services and present on her profile of the agency, it is not surprising to be able to say that Monika is a remarkable girl, combining charm, discretion and intelligence (See video below).
   Thus, Monika became a well-known personality and a charming ambassador of the
Czech Republic and especially of her village of Roundnice Nad Labem both thanks to the business world, of which she was already touched when she Exercised as a top model, and her strong uncontested personality. Monika also possesses a rich and well-rounded C.V., which guarantees the opening of a not insignificant number of opportunities.
   Monika has succeeded in an excellent reconversion by ensuring a substantial material ease, while being a non-negligible advertising asset for her box. Here is what she says: "Jsem vděčna, že jsem se vydala tím správným směrem": "I am grateful that I have gone in the right direction". Monika found her way.

   Monika's profile in the DUMREALIT Roundnice Nad Labem agency:

Makleře profile: Bc. Monika Veselá

Monika real estate agent

   Having become a public woman with new functions and important responsibilities, it is now justified to officially have a facebook account. Yes, Monika owns her profile since 2011! It is official that there, in the midst of false profiles. It will be very difficult to be part of her circle of friends who are exclusively people of Czech origin. In addition, Monika does not live alone... What is more normal for this pretty girl appreciated by all in her trade and in life than to have a companion (he is lucky).
   Aged 34, Monika has matured and wants to turn a page of her life. Moreover, as a preview of her facebook page dated September 2nd, 2015, she announces her engagement with her companion who has worked with her since 2011. Frankly, although a little jealous (jealousy is for me a proof of love), I Am happy for her.
   To summarize, Monika's life changed by taking a new turn in 2013 with 2 important years in her professional career; 2006 and 2011.

   As a result, Monika has just ended her extraordinary career as a top model of charm, this from 2011. My site then becomes a kind of showcase on a charming ambassador by retracing the most frivolous moments of Monika's life.

  Charm, elegance, intelligence and discretion, these are the words that best define this sublime girl. Really, this girl is exceptional!

  It is time, after this presentation in the form of tributes of My Adored Beauty, to share with you, offering my collection of her most beautiful pictures and naughty videos...

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