Jana Cová (Her Girlfriends)

   Jana Cová is a superb 33 years old girl from Poland.
   Indeed she was born in Prague and grew up in the
Czechoslovakian campaign of the 80s.
   Shortly after the birth of the Czech Republic in 1993, Jana, young teenager, began working as a model for bikini.
   As for Monika, she wanted to be top model but it was her small size (5' 2") that prevented her.
   However, the desire to discover something else, born of the liberation of morals in the Eastern Countries and coupled with the beauty of her body becoming more and more, Jana Cová launched in 2001 in the photographs of nude softcore before becoming in April 2005, after long hesitations due to her gene more than her shyness in front of a camera, a pornographic actress impossible to circumvent while working exclusively with girls.
   Jana is bisexual and instead favors lesbian scenes with the most beautiful girls of the moment. Straight porn scenes are rather rare.
   For her, to make love with a man belongs essentially to the private and this is conceived quite...
   Thus, it appeared in the most famous magazines of charm such as Hustler, Mayfair, Club International and made the headlines of the magazine Penthouse appearing as model of the month of April 2003. It is then the consecration and Jana Cová becomes the "typical" girl for the promotion of the producers of the growing pornographic industry in view of the abundance of girls from the Eastern Countries and The
Czech Republic in particular.
   This is how Jana becomes a kind of initiator in the field of X for very pretty girls of Czech origin, as she was herself initiated by a superb chick, whom I will unveil later and whom you know surely, I mean
Silvia Saint or Szilvia Tomcalová.
    In 2007, she stopped shooting and preferred to continue posing for charming magazines, lingerie and calendars while devoting her time to developing her website (
ClubJanaCova.com) and her own film production.
   In 2009 and 2010, as a reward for her career, she is nominated for Best Lesbian Actress in the film "Island Fever 4".

   Jana Cová is here for the moment, the dean of the 28 pretty girls of Czech origin that I reveal to you or unveil on my site (see "The Babes" section).
   Jana is not only a pretty girl, but also a real canon. Not only her physique but also her personality made her famous.
   It reveals in this small piece of girl the full bloom. Jana feels good in her body and in her head.
   She is superb, smiling and terribly sensual in her voluptuous forms.
   It is her face especially that attracts me to Jana as for all the girls that I mate or that I meet, whether they are blond or brown, of African or Latin origin, exotic or Asian, large or small...
   However, her bluish and sensual gaze provokes in me an emotion translated by a strong desire to know more.
   Her luscious lips are a call to kisses and caresses...
   Her smile makes me abdicate while I feel irrevocably my cock pushing...
   I'm good, I strip and I let my eyes glide over her body and especially her delicate shoulders, her arms so fine.
   I linger on her firm and natural breasts then on her belly caressing...
   I start naked quickly so as to release my cock that relaxes by taking her ease and trembling to continue to swell and push to the maximum while my smooth balls weighed down desire my thigh...
   I mate long her wide hips which are the characteristic of Jana and which confers true femininity to a girl, in the physical sense of the term of course!
   Jana is naked like me, I'm good, my big cock is straightening, palpitating, shudder as I scrutinize THE most beautiful pussy I have been given to contemplate on the net... I salivate only at the sight of her mold like my acorn begins to be...
   My big cock palpates in unison of my heart when I contemplate her large fleshy petals spread to let me admire a large wet vulva dominated by a superbly visible clitoris...
   Magnificent! I just love it!
   My cock only asks to shake at the same time as I glide a glance on her no less pretty ball hole as I like them...
   In short, her two gaping holes and reddened with excitement resemble those of
Susanna Spears with a preference for the bullet hole and the "flower" of Jana.
   I stretch the stem, the foreskin slides noisily caressing the damp glans of my secretions, while my balls hang and agitate between my thighs...
   I am going to enjoy, I feel, while Jana turns to offer me a beautiful ass where I can see some hair in relief under her mold as she spreads her beautiful buttocks...
   I descend on her legs of top model before going up on the whole of her body while I see her pretty face in ecstasy, her breasts, her ass and her pussy in their totality...
   It is at this moment that I release in my rales my powerful orgasm, as every time, resulting in very large quantities of sperm propelled with each contraction of my prostate...
   It is always a TRUE DELIGHT to do good like this when I'm not with my girlfriend...!
   If I reveal her to you, it is because I wanted to pay tribute to one of the prettiest girls on the web whose strong personality and full career have nothing more to envy the Anglo-Saxon beauties often artificial!
   Jana Cová represents for me, like a fantasy, the soul, the character and the feminine beauty of the countries of Central Europe.

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Jana Oujeská's profile (aka Jana Cová):

Jana was born on April 13th, 1980 in
Prague (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Jana Oujeská
Astrological sign: Aries
Measurements: 34C-24-34
Size: 5' 2"
Weight: 106 lbs
Blue eyes
Blond hair
Special features: Jana is of Polish origin hence her finesse and her asserted character. She has a nice piercing on the navel.

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