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   Sonia is a very pretty girl from Czech Republic. A beauty once again among so many others, a well-without background. Sonia embodies, like the other girls here and Monika, what defines this small Central European country, beauty, refinement and character. Just browse through the pictures, read a bit of history and understand the soul of this Slavic country enclosed in the heart of Europe. The Czech Republic is for me a little hidden jewel for a long time hidden and unsuspected, waiting to go to taste there... So what freedom and curiosity has good. In any case the Beauty here is a true "bowl of air" that I do not hesitate to breathe full lung.
   In short, all this to say that Sonia Red began her career as top model, then quickly as porn actress, from 2005 at the age of 19 years old. She has a very rich filmography where she gives herself thoroughly, very professionally. Sonia is a pro X. She is also a canon where mixes sensuality, natural and seduction peculiar to her chicks from the Eastern Countries.
   As for the other girls of my site, I am happy to describe her to you before you discover her in pictures.
   Sonia is a cannon but also a small sex bomb, much like
Jana Horová.
Just looking at her face, one inevitably falls under the spell. Indeed, I love this minis refined by a small chin that gives Sonia a playful mischievous of eternal adolescent. Moreover she radiates by her smile and eyes of doe.
   Sonia is small (5' 4"), but she has a superb body. She is rather broad of shoulders but refined by her pretty face.
   Her small tits are to chew especially with her nipples that point of excitement.
   Her waist is relatively thin with wide hips and welcoming.
   Spreading her thighs, Sonia lets us admire her shaved pussy but wearing a fine and small tuft very discreet. This attracts irresistibly the glance on two large lips hiding difficult little lips fleshy as I adore them. In any case, there is something to drink and eat...
Indeed, it is enough to admire her petals parted and wet to see cyprin at the entrance of her vagina. Proof that Sonia also enjoys during her photo shoots.
   A marvelous Sonia's ass, especially when she arches her kidneys. She is undoubtedly, at the same time as her face, the most beautiful and the most attractive part of her body. Especially when she spreads her buttocks to make us discover her wide bullet hole sometimes open in unison with her pussy porn scenes... I will give you some of her best moments to fuck a next time. Be patient...
   I continue to contemplate this dream body, haloed with an adolescent face, caressing my eyes, her beautiful fine legs with superbly shaped legs and thighs, as I love them...
   Sonia has been a non-taboo girl for almost 6 years, no one, pretty, natural, smiling that takes advantage of her erotic potential and her professionalism to give pleasure, give us pleasure and give us absolute well-being...!!

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Veroniká Vysinská's profile (aka Sonia Red):

Sonia was born on December 25th, 1986 in
Melnik (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Veroniká Vysinská
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Measurements: 34A-23-35
Size: 5' 4"
Weight: 106 lbs
Hazel eyes
Brown hair
Special features: piercing on the navel, 3 very beautiful tattoos; A Pegasus behind the right shoulder, an oriental type on the lower back and a tribal on the outside, above the right ankle.

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