Susana Spears (Her Girlfriends)

   Susana is one of the few charming model girls of the Czech Republic to have stopped her career after only 3 years of intense activity. Indeed, this pretty girl began her craft in the world of charm in 2004 to end it in 2007, during which time she produced an incredible number of photos for many charming magazines as well as for most erotic sites .
   Susana made short appearances in pornography with some pretty soft clips from what I could find.
   Her success in the world of eroticism during these 3 years, was indisputable and remains unavoidable. It must be said that Susana has all the criteria of beauty and has become a kind of icon for the succession which turns out to be, for our greatest happiness, a bottomless pit...
   Susana is a cannon girl and has a beautiful body.
   I like her harmonious face with broad forehead, illuminated by a deep and irresistible look.
   What characterizes her, apart from the fact that she is unfortunately left siliconer, it is her mouth with luscious lips, refined by her chin at the same time a nice long and fine nose. That's what makes her incredibly appealing.
   But the rest is just as much; (22) of all the babes in my site in relation to her height (5' 8"), the smallest natural titts (unfortunately silicone since) to the nipples which swell with pleasure, a narrow waist called "wasp" ). This gives a wonderful contrast by highlighting, in addition to her camber and her hips, a beautiful ass, wide with beautiful buttocks rebounded. These last ones give an incredible look to Susana with beautiful curves that put me in emotion systematically.
   You understand, I have already a big hard on...
   But even if Susana makes the effect immediately by putting me in the mouth, it remains to discover her intimacy before exploding. This girl has a pussy with a kitty little tuft and a long and wide slit, scalloped with superb little lips fleshy and very appetizing. her two petals open by revealing a vast vulva always wet and a clitoris under a long and broad hood... Unique also her large hole of bullet, radiating many folds and which flourishes when it spreads her buttocks...
   She is for me, one of the most beautiful pussy that I have discovered until now apart from the little ripe apricot of Monika, and that of my girlfriend of course...! I imagine that one must be able to easily penetrate and navigate...
   In short, it remains to contemplate her beautiful legs with the curves of top-models that also add to my big cock.
   Then, I explode in geyser contemplating this canon that is Susana where all her body is and will remain Beauty, Charm and Harmony.

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Zuzana Majorová's profile (aka Susana Spears or Susanna Miller):

Susana was born on April 29th, 1982 in
Prague (Czech Republic)
Birthame: Zuzana Majorová
Astrological sign: Aries
Measurements: 35C-22-34
Size: 5' 08"
Weight: 112 lbs
Grey Eyes
Brown hair
Special features: piercing on the left wing of her nose, on the navel with pendant and on the top of the little lips of her pussy, under the clitoris.

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