Raylene Richards (Her Girlfriends)

   I could not add girls without thinking about Zuzanna Drabinová aka Raylene Richards depending on the sites.
   This 29 year old (2012) canon girl appeared in 2002 (19 years old) just before Monika. She quickly became unavoidable and remains well known on the web for her finery and especially her beautiful big tits. I will tend to say: "we only see them", it is a fact, but in addition Zuzanna is very pretty.
   I crack for her big blue eyes giving this girl a shining and piercing look especially when they are enhanced by their makeup. Her angel face is very pleasant to watch at the same time as her delicate little nose and her pretty fine mouth.
   I obviously do not resist the vision of this magnificent pair of tees, slightly more voluminous than those of my girlfriend all proportions guarded; they are very beautiful, heavy, of course natural and very alive, slightly falling and abandoning themselves according to the poses, a real delight! That's what makes her popular.
   Zuzanna is very pretty, high and especially very sexy, and has a very beautiful body with a fine waist that shows even more prominently her generous chest. Fine waist and pretty ass buttocks superbly bounced all the more as her hips are high and wide which gives Zuzanna a lot of elegance when poses in feet, front and side.
   Zuzanna is also a naughty slut. Who resists the contemplation of her pussy with fleshy lips sometimes decorated with a tuft of hair? Naughty also when she spreads her two purple petals to let admire her pink clitoris at the same time as the entrance to her deep and humid intimacy. A real whirlwind of excitement that this vision...!!
   Zuzanna is a Top Model, her thighs are to chew and her superb thin legs well-shaped have, of course, absolutely nothing to envy the other chicks of his temper.
   What strikes this girl is her mystery about the ability to adapt to the environment in which she poses and how she changes her look. She is a real "pro" at the same time smiling, elegant and captivating with this subtle blend of charm, sex and provocation. Zuzanna is a real slut with a feline look that hides her game well!

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Zuzanna Drabinovás profile (aka Raylene Richards):

Raylene was born on August 8th, 1983 in
Hranice (Czech Republic)
Birthame: Zuzanna Drabinová
Astrological sign: Leo
Measurements: 32E-25-36
Size: 5' 8"
Weight: 114 lb
Blue eyes
Blond hair
Special feature: piercing on the navel.

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