Olivia La Roche (Her girlfriends)

 When I discovered this pretty girl on the net, I immediately said, because of her name, "Here, there is a pretty little French girl who stay cool!", But not at all!
   It was actually her pseudo, Olivia La Roche, which sounds very French.
   A girl as canon without taboo also astonished me that she was French! That said, I would not be surprised if this girl had ascendants from our home. Her face reminds me that of Brigitte Bardot or that of Laetitia Casta
   Apart from
Clara Morgane, a pretty girl from Marseilles who does not practice in the X, and Axelle Parker, a gorgeous porn actress residing near Cannes who has Brazilian origins, unfortunately there is no such girl in our country. Alas, a thousand times, alas!
   Yet I encounter beautiful beauties every day in the street, in shops or near universities which are otherwise more beautiful and refined than certain girls from the Eastern countries, but in France this kind of activity is not as much in sight as in those countries that barely emerge from 45 years of bullying.
   To return to Lucie Weinreichová alias Olivia La Roche, she will be 24 years old on July 6th 2012 and already has a luggage full.
   This beautiful cannon with angelic face is a real volcano. Olivia, when she does not pose for photo shoots or porn movies, practicing as a real estate agent and responsible for the sale of commercial properties throughout the
Czech Republic, at the same time she studies administrative law, in order to create her own business.
   It is certainly a very intelligent girl, very gifted and especially very dynamic because she manages to reconcile the profession of top model, porn actress and real estate agent. It must be said that her physique is an undeniable asset and moreover she overflows with energy, which allows her to shackle both filming, sessions, her studies and business trips and all this at 24 years! Olivia is therefore in demand because of her intellectual and physical faculties and that from her beginnings to 19 years (2007). In short it is a gifted and joined in this one of her colleagues you know since you can discover her on my site; it is Gabriela Lupinková who according to some sources has a very high IQ.
   In short, let's go back to the superb Olivia. Physically speaking, the discovery of this girl filled me with joy and emotion. It was especially the beauty of her face that moved me. Watching her smile is a real treat.
   But the rest is not bad either. This chick is even a real cannon. As I have already mentioned, she has a pretty face of a doll with luscious lips, but also fine shoulders, long arms finely arched and muscular, fine and long hands to fairy fingers. She has adorable small tits that point to sight of eye while fiddling during the somersaults in her videos pornos...
   Her waist is fine, her hips are broad and she thus has a beautiful buttocks exceptionally muscular giving a beautiful feminine relief to her body when she arches. In the same way, her pussy is completely shaved and hairless as Lizzy's, and reveals superb little lips as fleshy as I like, giving an equally unique relief to her long slit. The must of the must is when Olivia spreads her large petals to reveal her wet vulva, the entrance of the vagina is richly scalloped giving her, no doubt, pleasant sensations when she is penetrated. This large "calyx" is crowned not only by her petals but also by an exceptional "hood" scarcely masking her large clitoris. No wonder that with this, Olivia can burst continuously, it is a real volcano!

   But it's matting her ass, when her adorable bullet hole appears, after she spread her buttocks, I release my powerful orgasm by flowing long and abundantly...
   Exceptional also her long and magnificent legs superbly shaped. It is with those of Monika, the most beautiful legs that I am given to contemplate on the net.
   Olivia is exceptional, an adorable pretty girl of rare and unsuspected intelligence, a superb cannon full of talents and energy, a real volcano ready to do anything to enjoy, give and give pleasure, without taboo !!
Really an exceptional girl!!

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Lucie Weinreichová's profile (aka Olivia La Roche)

Olivia was born on July 6th, 1988 in
Brno (Czech Republic).
Birthname: Lucie Weinreichová
Astrological sign: Cancer
Measurements: 36B-25-37
Size: 5' 9"
Weight: 123 lbs
Hazel eyes
Brown hair
Special features: Of a rare intelligence, Olivia exercises 2 trades at the same time, that of top model of charm and real estate agent. She also has a virgin body of tattoos and piercing, which makes her even more attractive thanks to her beautiful face, beautiful ass and exceptional legs!

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