Misa (Her Girlfriends)

   Misa is a very pretty girl 27 years old (2013) from Czech Republic. Still looking for models of charm for my site, and of the same generation as Monika, I came across this beautiful blonde with a dream body and a look illuminated by a smile that made me crack when I discovered her Photos.
   Decidedly, this small country never ceases to reveal its beauties.
   I am more and more attracted to these countries, not so far away, since Monika was revealed to me. I then discover the cave of Ali Baba as far as the girls of the
Czech Republic are concerned. There is something for all tastes. Just visit my site to get a little insight...
   I am happy to share and offer you my small panel. Only, my site would not be enough to put all this jewelry so my collection is rich.
   As I said, Michaela is a superb cannon, a real erotic bomb, naughty and not cold to the eyes. She is still active in her career as a top model and she is not ready to stop...
   It is her superb blue eyes that attracted me to her, giving her a look at once soft and bewitching, especially when she smiles. Her characteristic is her rictus which highlights her adolescent cheekbones. It gives her a certain childlike roundness on her face refined by a small chin that makes it fresh and extremely seductive.
   Her smiling face becomes that of an angel and the depth of her shining eyes is enough to make an hard on.
   I am just as attracted by her fine and delicate neck. Likewise for her fine shoulders.
   For my part, I am ecstatic to the vision of her tits. A little like Monika's, they are rather small but they swell and point when Michaela takes the pose, betraying her excitement... Just like my dear Monika...
   Then my glance slips on her waist, her smooth belly as well as on her hips that for my part I find perfect. Moreover, it is through the hips of a girl that personally I can appreciate the beauty and femininity of a woman's body.
   Then, finding myself behind a girl, it is by viewing her ass that I can get an idea of their erotic potential as it is more or less broad or more or less cambered. That of Michaela is perfect and that is why she is a canon and an erotic bomb; Failing to discover her sexual exploits in videos if she turned...
   The camber and the spacing of her pretty buttocks allow me to discover another treasure that finishes to grow my cock to the maximum; the special relief of her bullet hole and her pussy with fleshy lips and wet.
   Then she comes face to face, smiling... I am then happy to discover a fine fleece of blond hair. It's super exciting to know that Michaela is a real blonde like many girls from these countries.
   This light tuft wears a very fleshy pussy revealing itself rich in treasure that she does not hesitate to offer us when she spreads her two petals. One can then discover the reliefs and details of her vulva, the exit of the urethra, the wet entrance of her vagina and her long and wide "hood" masking her swollen clitoris. This categorizes Michaela's pussy as one of the sweetest and nicest behind that of Monika and my girlfriend of course...! Yes, what do you want! It's like that ! I'm in love with Monika and I love my girlfriend...!
   I have the stick to the maximum, my thrilling cock is free and out in the open while my gaze descends on her well-shaped legs. I look on the screen Michaela's body on all fours, she smiles, spread her petals... finally comes my orgasm that propels my seed by long spurts... I am then satiated thanks to the beauty of one of the most pretty blondes of the web. A pure and real happiness that Michaela...!!

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Michaela Fichtnerová's profile (alias Misa or Lizzy Merova):

Misa was born on April 14th, 1986 and originated in the
Czech Republic.
Birthname: Michaela Fichtnerová
Astrological sign: Aries
Measurements: 34B-25-35
Size: 5' 6"
Weight: 106 lbs
Blue eyes
Blond hair
Special features: Michaela is a real blonde to the vision of her pussy tuft hair...

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