Nikky Case (Her Girlfriends)

   This girl is undoubtedly the prettiest girl present on the web as a model of charm. With Monika she is one of the most glamorous and charming model of the moment. What distinguishes her as Monika from her friends is her grace and her class.

   Nikky is very pretty and her body could serve as a reference to the designer Barbie dolls. It is a joke certainly, but Nikky possesses the ideal beauty cannons. Indeed for me, this girl is a cannon. Everything about her is magnificent. I am pleased to describe her to you as I do for Monika and the others.

   She has a beautiful face with regular features to the point that she does not need make-up to enhance her pretty blue eyes.
   She does not need to smile, it is her charm and magnetism that do everything while watching her.
   I crack at the sight of her titts firm and natural, not very big but well swollen to the point that they point at any time. This is appreciated for poses half naked.
   The most pleasant for me to look at her are her hips. Because of this, shehas a fine waist which makes the poses of Nikky face or slightly aside and standing, very sought after.
   Her pussy is shaved with a few discrete hairs and tuft above the labia majora leaving little glimpses that she spreads at times to show us her little "love button" when she is excited. Because even if she is glamorous and sexy, Nikky is not the kind of girl that hides her privacy during her poses photos, quite the contrary. She is naughty but gracefully.
   Her nice ass is beautiful. Wide hips with a pair of buttocks accordingly. I never get tired of watching her when she is leaning forward, legs apart, showing her ass... A treat!
   Her legs are fine and perfectly curved and surely very pleasant to caress...
   Nikky is a doll with high class, sexy and taboo-free. I think she will always say... YES...!

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Irena Gesvindrová's profile (aka Nikky (or Nikki) Case):

Nikky was born on October 12nd, 1983 in
Prague (Czech Republic)
Birthame: Irena Gesvindrová
Astrological sign: Libra
Measurements: 35C-25-35
Size: 5' 4"
Weight: 108 lbs
Blue eyes
Blond hair

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