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Monika's erotic videos to download

  Here is the 5th part of Monika erotic videos to download.
I offer you Videos 41 to 50. 

  Take advantage and enjoy in at will!

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Video 41 : Monika & Anetta Brunettes

   Once is not custom, I wanted to offer you a very rare video of Monika in a very hot scene with Anetta Keys.
  Rare, because Monika has never favoured lesbian scenes during her career. What I offer is quite revealing of the character of these two beautiful top models of the 2000's.
  Anetta has quickly become a porn-star recognized before put an end fairly recently; Monika, her, beautiful and mysterious, remains always as discreet in what she did and continues to do so (until 2011).
  This video is interesting because you can discover how Monika behaves with other girls. Note how she practice touching on Anetta. She does this with tact, sensuality, natural and without vulgarity. At no time seen trying to perform cunnilingus on her partner. She will only remain in the field of simulation here. Monika has never fallen into pornography.
  She remains and will always remain in the field of suggestive with the sensuality and natural of her own. Monika is coated beauty of elegance and class.
  However, notice how she leaves depart petals of her pussy by this slut of Anetta. It is one of the rare moments where you can discover the clitoris of Monika. Proof that she is excited, maybe as much, otherwise more if she showed her pussy solo.
  Say you that I did not hesitate to put me naked in order to take advantage of these two gorgeous babes trying to afford and to show off to my huge erect cock.
  Throbbing and dripping, brimming with fun, hardens excitement, my cock starts to spurt out plenty of my orgasm that caves me, while I mate pussy Monika, open to the maximum by the hands of Anetta, discovering then her vulva pink and wet at the same time as her clitoris. A true happiness.

  mp4 file
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 10mn 12s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 365 MB (800 x 600)

Video 42 : Monika Pink Pussy On The Sofa

  Magnificent video clip where Monika gets off during a casting.
  It was shot at the same time in a photo session which I will offer you the series as soon as possible.
  My lovely beauty showing off of her being before the lens, she takes a perverse pleasure, shared front my screen by being naked and in tidying me the stinger...
  The video is very short but it's enough to give me a nice time before coveted sweetie. So, I am completely naked as in the usual, front of my screen.
  I contemplate her pretty face superbly masked, my cock lying on the belly half scalped and jerking from pleasure, while I feel swell stroking my bide. Mmmh, it's good! I feel my throbbing gear grow, harden and straighten, smooth and shiny glans is releasing the foreskin while my balls give way while stroking my crotch before dangle down between my thighs...!
  Appears the wet pussy and ajar Monika, then I grabs my huge cock hard and thick. I set out to rub it waving my balls as soon as my beauty begins to rub pussy allowing me to see both the details of her pussy, contortions of her body, her facial looks and expressions of visible pleasure on her face. She is gorgeous, cozy, chewable and terribly exciting...
  My tender muse is getting off and this amplifies my excitement...
  I hear her moan, chills through her body. And even if she somewhat simulates her orgasm she will not stop me making me enjoy my whole being emptied by long and large spurts of my semen...
  Monika sweetheart, you are that desires, pleasures and enjoyment, but not only! I'll never thank you enough to the unspeakable happiness that you provide me contemplating your beauty, your simplicity and your generosity if I can love you and cherish you...! I make a vow, a single and unique...! MONIKAAA, can you hear me...?

  mp4 file
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 3mn 00s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 17.6 MB (640 x 480)

Video 43 : Monika Indera

  Still a great video where Monika engages in an exhibition in the wilderness under a hot summer sun.
  My young naked beauty reveals both her intimacy that has no secrets for me, fun and communicative enjoyment since I'm with her and like her, free and available to this magic moment where there is beauty and bliss...! Enjoy again and again with Monika! Is that of happiness!!

  mp4 file
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 8 min 17s
  quality: average
  file size: 126 MB (640 x 480)

Video 44 : Monika Picnic

  "I'm with Monika currently share a pleasant picnic in the grass. We kiss, it's warm, breeze makes rustle the leaves of trees, we are alone in the world in love at the edge of the brook cooing and refreshing.
  She is there, beautiful, happy and then it takes her an irresistible desire to indulge in her warmest wishes. My beloved tenderness becomes desirable slut.
  She began to get naked. I contemplate her, shiny look and full of desires, too...! I have an hard on, impossible to hold back me. I understand that this is an invitation. I release my already very big cock and I am damn quickly naked as she.
  While I'm completely naked, Monika, mouth ajar throws me her eternal gaze of ember while caressing, I am next to her knees, my cock upright and thrilling. She removes her panties, spreads her legs and reveals me her intimacy; a pussy ajar, moist and reddened excitation. While I began to jerk, Monika, still with her mouth ajar, contemplate my erection, smiled, then starts to get in doggy style. Beautiful!
  I see her gorgeous body's contortions of pleasure, her small swollen tits hang and stir together with the extraordinary movements that Monika gives her ass squirming. Her gaze from above her shoulder, a hand from underneath, stroking her pussy, her ass rolling before my eyes, spreading her butts and her petals, allowing me to see her pretty ass hole decorated with a thin duvet, all this less than one meter of my tail that no end to beat and rocking...
  Not being able more, Monika urges look at me, wriggles her ass and moans of desire as calling to me to fuck her. I do not pray. I come by behind, caress her pussy with my glans before stuffing gently and thoroughly. There, she moans of happiness, look at me tenderly in demanding a kiss... Here it is, I'm in her penetrating the doggy style, position that she loves, as Sophie, my girlfriend...
  I'm thrilled and I can finally see flapping her small tits in drunken shells of excitement at each stop on her ass before catch them and feel them, one of my pregnant fantasies day and night with Monika... Her moans of pleasure, her small breasts who are agitated at the same time that butts that tremble under my somersaults and my heaviers balls, sips of sap swaying and triping against her pussy, quickly causing my orgasm gasping and powerful, allowing me to empty my balls letting my dick of long seconds clamped in her vagina shivering and dripping with pleasure..."

  It is true, I wish to Monika long! She is intelligent, generous, kind, a naïve bit! A gorgeous body, a beautiful look! She is pretty when she smiles! She is beautiful when she enjoys! She loves life! I do want the happiness of this girl! I wish that satisfy her, give it, and to provide tenderness and love...! MONIKAAA? Hear me you...?
  A fantasy, a dream, but a dream of course still...!!

  mp4 file
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 8mn 15s
  quality: average
  file size: 155 MB (720 x 576)

Video 45 : Monika Whiteshawl 

  I offer you a great erotic video of Monika tour during her escapade from 3 days on Fuerteventura island of the Canary Islands in November 2006.
  It is with these tours videos in nature and in particular on the beaches, Monika becomes a true goddess.
  Here, her beauty flourishes under the clarity of the warm autumn sun.
  My lovely goddess embodies so admirably burning eroticism of a girl's body.
  Monika practice naturism, it is natural in her. I can very well imagine strolling through naked both naturally and quietly in the middle of the naturists. I myself and the vision of her forms on a beach must be magical and unique.
  Still a vivid dream...!
  Monika, my goddess worshipped, definitely rhymes with beauty and eroticism.

  mp4 file
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 6 min 30 s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 240 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 46 : Monika & Anetta Body Inspections

   Here again a very rare video of Monika in a lesbian scene with the beautiful and very naughty Anetta Keys.
  This kind of videos where Monika book in the company of other girl are become untraceable on the net except on Amazon where you can order the DVD entitled "Lesbian Fantaisies".
  We particularly appreciate the incredible beauty of Monika. Note the perfection of her body, the curves exciting her ass and her small breasts, drawing her beautiful legs, her pout while both candid and naughty smile illuminating her beautiful face.
  While I'm completely naked by writing these lines and that I'm watching the video, you find yourself trying to masturbate me... But you can imagine easily now, knowing me...
  Monika is naked and not yet Anetta, who is also beautiful. But my gaze is riveted on the incredible body of Monika... I rub my cock... Here it is, they are naked...!
  Monika spreads Anetta petals... Beautiful vision of its two ass spread butts opening a superb views of their petals and their ass hole...
  It is admiring these two beauties showing off their asshole, their pussy reddened excitation and their smiling face that I release my powerful orgasm propelling a long squirt of my semen before flowing in length...
  The more this is rare, more beautiful it is, more exciting it is, more good it is...!

  mp4 file
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 10mn
  quality: excellent
  file size: 357 MB (820 x 600)

Video 47 : Monika Angel

   How nice to discover Monika 20 years old! I love mater exceptional body!
  I strip quickly and strong since her occurrence while she shines by her smile all at once candid and naughty.
  I put myself so completely naked for free my erection rigid in my pants and feel my nakedness, as I do naturally with my girlfriend or with an escort girl. It is an absolute joy to see my long thick cock throb and rocking above my belly.
  Monika barely out of teenage showing off everything as naturally by a strip. What a beauty! How wonderful! Mmmh those small tits and that ass! I masturbate as soon as she is naked... More nothing stop my pleasure until orgasm...
  Monika sits down, takes off her Jersey, spreads her beautiful extraordinarily shapely legs... Close-up on her opened pussy. I hardly resist to orgasm... Large amounts of sperm spray out in long and endless jerks producing indescribable sensations causing me mind-boggling dizziness in conjunction with rails that I do not control. Watching my quivering cock which drips down a long filament of sperm which dangles before joining a large puddle of whitish semen That it's good! I keep me caressing the glans until the last spasm of pleasure.
  I'm with Monika, virtually of course, but I saw a dream awake with this girl every moment of the day, when I'm not with my girlfriend this means. The only way to relieve the valve of my libido is to masturbate me before it...!

  mp4 file
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 09 min 37 s
  quality: average
  file size: 100MB (854 x 480)

Video 48 : Monika Chatte Humide

   While waiting to find the full video, I offer you a small jewel with extraordinary close-ups on the wet pussy of Monika.
  A treat that to see her foothold, meddling fingers between her swollen labia of desire, while caressing the vulva and her discreet little clitoris.
  Monika sex is to the image of her character and personality: beauty, home, brimming with life and desire, heat and vibrations, mystery and temptation...
  Monika is such a chalice of abundance fills with nectar and intoxicating honey until the ultimate orgasm!!

  mp4 file
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 6 min 57 s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 171 MB (854 x 480)

Video 49 : Monika Dancing Fairy

   Here is a clip relatively recent (2010) that I love! It is this video that I look the most because it allows me to appreciate and contemplate the beautiful body of my Monika honey in motion before enjoying.
  Indeed, I get naked quickly before the beginning of the video.
  This video is very short but by the passing loop, this allows me to hard on quietly stroking me the dick while Monika gets naked writhing.
  Dammit, it's beautiful and good! How pretty she is!
  My cock throbs and jogs on my belly while I examine her wonderful smiling face, I contemplate the incredible sensuality of her perfect body, including her exceptional camped legs on high heels amplifying the curves, her femininity and facilitating her swaying... I begin to rub my penis... Damn it, that's good ...!
  I hardly resist the contemplation of her ass as she wiggles wonderfully. There, you have proof that Monika maintains her muscular body, especially at the level of her butts, by practicing the fitness and dance...
  I'm away from everything, I contemplate Monika pile trying to squirm again and again... Superb...! Not being able to more I let go my orgasm... It is powerful...! I ejaculate far and loud...!
  Despite the length of this video, it is for me the only real way to appreciate the perfection of her body moving before enjoying the exceptional sensuality of this girl.
  Monika, my lovely and pretty as a mischievous muse, naughty at will, you are for me, the eternal synonym of beauty, the sensuality and the enjoyment!!

  mp4 file
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 3mn 37s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 36,2 MB (720 x 480)

Video 50 : Monika Shower Room

  There, it is a video of the famous site NUBILES.NET where you can discover beautiful girls at the beginning of their careers. All the girls, almost, that I reveal my site, are passed into the hands of photographers and cameramen of this website. Among others, Little Caprice, Olivia La Roche, Stracy Stone and my beloved Monika. I am pleased to offer it.
  This is his candor along her natural beauty that seduces me here. She is young, she is 20 or 21 years old and starting to become a famous supermodel, appreciated and in great demand, which is not displeasing to Monika. Indeed, you know, not only her but Monika bump "explodes" as getting off in front of the lens. Then, this results in the secretion cyprine(*), show her excitement. We do not see her here since she is a shower, but I'm sure she takes a pleasure indeed hidden but real. This is significant to know because it's a special in her. Just discover and watch my previous videos(**)...
  Look how pretty she is! She is not makeup or very little. She is natural and wild. In short, she is chewable...
  I write completely naked... I gaze caressing her gaze... My cock twitches and throbs... Wow, what a beauty!
  Damn, those legs, those hips, these small breasts she caress it, that pretty face with fiery eyes and mischievous smile, this adorable little ass barely concealing a ripe apricot...! Tric my hands up... Monika looks at me and smiles at me... It's good...! I am happy before...!
  "Monika,  please, stop the shower now and caress you! Gently!... Okay, there it's fine!" seems to say the cameraman. Monika, candid gaze, runs. This is proof that she begins in these videos. As it is heartening to see her so young, pretty and natural! This is why she is very popular in this environment and she was dedicated in 2006.
  Besides, this is a subtle blend of candor, sensuality and roguery, crowned with her natural beauty that gives me the unique wellness I express each time by a powerful orgasm. I am happy due to and with her...!
  This is her mysterious side, magical, innocent and naughty that transcends me to Monika. This is how and why I LOVE HER!!
(*) The cyprine (The love juice) is a vaginal mucus secretion forming a more or less liquid and more or less milky, secreted by the Bartholin glands in the vagina. The love juice is an anatomically lubricant emitted during the sexuelle excitation (stimulation psychique or physical). These secretions facilitate the penetration, further the movement of penis increasing sexual pleasure.

(**) See particular Monika Swinging, Monika Ancienttree and Monika Behind The Scenes.

  mp4 file
  proportion: 4/3
  Duration: 10mn 07s
  Quality: Excellent
  file size: 117 MB (640 x 480)