Monika's videos III

Monika's erotic videos to download

   Here is the 3rd Monica erotic videos pane to download.
I offer here Videos 21 to 30.

Take advantage and enjoy in at will!

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Video 21 : Monika Ancienttree

   As for my photos, there is no more great pleasure to share my erotic videos of Monika.
  My collection of clip is however less but I know I'm missing yet some achievements that I reveal to you without hesitation.
  In the meantime, take pleasure in viewing the natural beauty of Monika while she basks on an old (the lucky!) tree trunk on the Del Hierro island in the Canary archipelago. You will understand, this video was filmed in early November 2006, year of her consecration. You must admit that the framework is out of the ordinary and idyllic.
  Take the time to watch it to the end in order to enjoy High Definition, allowing rave on her skin texture and her end down, on her young and pretty face, on the finesse of her curves, her breasts that tie and point, swinging to the lesser of her movements, on her magnificent butts group keys surreptitiously on her asshole and her mold hole. Then linger on her wearing her characteristic tuft pussy and lips parted, then Monika warms, then observe, enlighten by the warm autumn sun, details of the vulva and the relief of her vagina  entrance vagina oozing cyprine... I let you imagine my state... My huge and thick chuck 6.7" in my hand I caress and pump, gives me pleasant and intense sensations...  The result does not wait; large amounts of mashed splash at length of my orgasm... It is every time a TRE-AT!

  mp4 file  
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 5 min 14 s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 200 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 22 : Monika In Valance

    Still a great clip, short course, but really complete since we view haired Monika from the beginning to the end.
  The effect is almost immediate, I strip in such a way that within 30 seconds my erection is already at its maximum.
  I can iron the same movie every day that the effect and the result would be identical. That happiness Monika!
  Admire me her curves, including her little ass and her butts on which I enjoy quickly after mater simultaneously her beautiful face, her small tits dangling and her small ajar mold... I Fund of fun...!
  What is incredible and magical, she's sensuality when she poses. and it is valid for all her clips and videos, be it single or with another girl.
  Monika attracts and immediately fixed the attention due to her beauty and natural sound, but above all by the fact that she gives off that little bit extra that makes her mystery and her personality whenever she shows herself in front of a camera or camera lens. She is MA-GIC!
  This is what makes I love this girl and that, almost blinded by the desire, I can hardly believe that I do not meet the one day whatever her situation...
  Monika, is more than a little; It's much, enormously, passionately, A CRAZY... EVERY DAYS!!

  mp4 file  
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 3 min 13 s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 114 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 23 : Monika Exclusive

  Another very nice clip where Monika shows off rather soft way while she began her career.
  She's 20 years old and she has an incredible charm causing a legitimate emotion so she is pretty.
  Her cute face and her young gorgeous body are enough to make me hard on and make me enjoy at the same time where she suggests her small mold before the end of the movie...
  Damm it, it is difficult to resist the vision of her curves, her camber of her shoulders, her pretty face, her naughty eyes and luscious lips doing pouting at the same time as the curves of her legs, her little ass, her stunning ass she spreads just so that we could surreptitiously discover the small tuft of her shaved pussy!
  With this small movie, we can say that Monika career is launched. It will reach new heights.
  With this clip, Monika, who was revealed in 2002 at the age of 19, will become one of the most beautiful brunettes of the 2000's. She will devoted in 2006 quite logically, four years after her beginnings. She then finds herself at the zenith of his career. This is exceptional and well deserved.
  It is one of these exclusive clips which I think, has propelled Monika towards the peak of her career as top model of charm... for my greatest happiness and her fans!

  mp4 file  
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 3mn 52s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 138 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 24 : Monika Masturbating

   I'm very, very happy to finally offer a very rare to Monika because naughty video outcome a website (BABES.TV) that no longer exists.
  What was not my surprise to find it in one of these porn sites commonly called "Tube"!
  These are portals where users and webmasters are putting online porn and naughty clips to share or to promote their site.
  That is how I came across a little treasure I found Monika to the fact of her glory (shot in 2007 while she was 23-years-old) masturbating... Yes, you read!
  In fact, you will discover very naughty Monika at the limits of what she wishes to show her intimacy and her erotic potential.
  Her beauty, imagination, the desire for pleasure and libido do the rest...
  Therefore, I do not hide my joy and my excitement to announce the sensuality of Monika masturbating until orgasm without simulation...
  As understood sighing, moaning and bitching that she enjoys... Incredible but true!
  Monika is a true sensualist! Which the had believed before a camera...!
  It is far from her rather wise exhibitionists demonstrations but at how erotic and exciting...!
  Surprised by both of lewdness on the part of my coveted Darling, my blood did a tour...
  I could not resist, nor hesitate to describe these unique frames!
  I download without further delay the video before the iron quickly from the beginning with my small ceremonial solo...  Obviously, I me in am not private, far from it...!
  This clip that I back loop, starts with its sweet and pleasant voice putting me immediately by condition:
  "Hello! My name is Monika Veselá! I'm from Czech Republic! I've 23 years old something...!"
  I get fully naked extending me in my chair where my cock is already almost stiff and thick before continuing to grow, sit up straight jerking on my belly, my smooth balls caressing and abandoning itself between my thighs...
  I relax, I'm away from it all, naked, only front of the screen where I contemplate Monika caress, smiled and then she starts to be naked with finesse and professionalism, thereby heightening sensuality and my excitement...
  She then raises her beautiful legs, discovering her pussy and her asshole by removing her sting; my cock jumps, straightens, throbs and hardens...
  Here it is! Monika is naked! What a delight the beauty of Monika!
  Elongated, she spreads her legs and caress her pussy in sighing and grimacing while I caress me the shaft and the glans...
  The result does not wait; my cock is huge, dripping and thrilling with its maximum erection (6.7") while my balls are stalling between my thighs...
  Damn, it's GOOD...!
  Monika squirmed in raising the excitement...
  I catch my hard dick and I start jerking me off while I am half lying in my chair...
  What a joy and what a surprise to hear Monika moan while she rubs her pussy...! Just look at the state of her pussy just before the end of the video. In the end, we surreptitiously sees her wet vulva well pink with her clitoris while she spreads iher petals and scalped her cap. Magnificent and magical...!
  I feel mounting orgasm that I hold until the desired moment...
  I straighten me in my chair, spreads my legs releasing my balls that dangle swaying while I jerks off my long rod by sliding my foreskin on the wet glans... Unspeakable sensations against Monika!
  It's just at the height of her rails betraying her pleasure and her orgasm that I enjoy powerfully, gasping as she, with all my being propelling enough far from significant spurts of semen, denser than in the usual...!
  The power of my orgasm is in the image of my strong especially with Monika libido...!
  It was a unique moment with this gorgeous girl...!
  I'm happy for a short but intense moment of pure eroticism, a bit like when I am with my girlfriend...
  Never I had felt a moment so true and so intimate with a girl in virtual, as it's my muse so coveted...! 
  Decidedly, Monika always surprise me in the best sense be it...
  As long as I did not contact her, Monika will continue to feed my dreams, my curiosity, my passion, my attraction to it, its beauty, and its pleasures...
  Monika is decidedly that happiness, always and always, again and again...!

  mp4 file  
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 7 min 42 s
  quality: average
  file size: 71.7 MB (352 x 288)

Video 25 : Monika Behind The Scenes

    Once again I am pleased to present you a small jewel of rare film shot in 2007 on behalf of the website BABES.TV, disappeared from the web as such since.
  Monika, consecrated the prettiest girl of the web of the year 2006, she is 23 years old, she is in full glory and we are seeing with this video the "Making Off" to a photo shoot that you can find in the 4th photoset of Monika 30.
  This video is very instructive not only on her beauty and her charms but also on the personality and professionalism of Monika.
  Compare with Video 14 (Behind The Butterfly) where naughty innocence of Monika will be transformed in burning emotion...
  Whenever I viewed, I am upset by the demonstration and the way she shows off...
  Monika is unique for me, because she loves what she does!
  My state is indescribable so I am moved by the natural exhibition of her young body.
  Damn, what is she pretty! My heart races while I strip...
  I can't resist and I let myself go freely to the pleasure of the eyes my whole being with me completely naked, as if I was going to make love her...
  Thus, being naked in my chair, my heart and my cock do so more than a...
  Once Monika completely naked, I'm starting to jerk...
  It is at the sight of her pussy adorned with her eternal fleece, to the labia majora reddened excitation, while to her intimacy, the pleasure that I feel mount...
  My gaze slips admiring her beautiful doll face, the curves perfect her tits, her ass, her incredible legs through her pussy which she spreads her two small petals reddened and wet, leaving discover her vulva, the urethra hole and ther vagina entrance wet of cyprine. Proof, once again, Monika excited and put in condition, gets off in front of the lens and the camera.
  My cock free, huge and thrilling, reacting to the slightest rustling of my fingers, my balls dangle between my thighs, I scan then the slightest movement of the muscles in her body, any expression on her face perfect and enveloping, the slightest caresses the curves of her butts, the slightest agitation of her swollen and natural breasts bouncing to each of the Monika's movements, if I was at her side...
  Monika in doggy style place facing the mirror, her small tits hang and stir together, prior to arch up to show off her gorgeous ass which she spreads butts in opening its incredibly reddened mold of excitement...
  Monika turns, still in doggy, legs spread wide in order to watch the camera by expressing her excitement and her desire, while I see the reflection of her ass, her mold and her breasts dangling back cleverly positioned mirror plan... I love this vision that reminds me of my antics with my girlfriend Sophie...
  Superb and beautiful vision of this wonder, this ass is the most beautiful ever met, except that of my girlfriend. I discovered in addition to her apricot, a asshole in the shade of a fine down...
  Monika is at the height of excitement at the same time as me...
  Not being able more, my thick cock grasp, caressed by my foreskin on the glans hyper dilated and wet, I let you mount this sublime feeling such a wave leading to my powerful before propel long orgasm, aided by my groans satisfied male and as every time I mate Monika, very large amounts of sperm...
  It takes me almost 5 minutes to almost completely empty my balls after learning to extend my unspeakable sensations of pleasure, sexual continuing to watch the video to the end.
  So I can say that Monika was for something in my development and the pursuit of sexual pleasure full and fulfilling we feel my girlfriend and me.
  Yes, I can say, if making love has become an art for me, it is thanks to Monika...!
  Why and how? Hear you say me.
  Nothing in Monika is artificial, she does not simulate, but instead she knows get in condition with natural sound a little candid, in order to awaken the desire to make her love...
  All this girl in sweat natural, charm, sensuality. She's beautiful, pretty as a heart, she is smart and has everything you could want in a girl. The more I go the more I live, the more I look, the more pleasure grows and I am IN LOVE WITH HER... !!

  mp4 file 
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 6 min 34 s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 49.6 MB (480 x 360)

Video 26 : Monika Multitasking

  You know by now, my dearest wish, my most intimate dream is to get in touch with Monika to meet her, thus crowning my ultimate goal.
  This extremely erotic video is the symbol of this desire. My beautiful muse is on the phone listening. Which? Well, I guess it's me like!
  This is certainly suggestive, but this movie sums up perfectly the state of mind of my site at the same time as the particular Monika's personality, namely, the discretion, the mystery and sensuality. Distance and contact are symbolized by the mobile phone.
  You feel very well the restraint in her attentive silence, desire hidden in her smile, I'd even feigned shyness. Could this be a man at the end of cord, a contender or her lover insisting to meet or discovered her? This is what suggests engaging demonstration of my lovely fairy...  I end by crack so her charm and beauty radiate...!
  What more exciting and horny what a pretty naked girl at the end of the wire! Here is Monika and it turns into fantasy.
  Curious to the end of the movie, I get naked quickly in giving free rein to my feelings. The vision of the nudity and the sensual beauty of Monika transports me again in the Eros world. In a few seconds my cock inflates maximally jerking, maintained by my caresses of the fingertips on the glans and shaft. 
  Naked, relaxed and slumped in my chair facing Monika, I take my time. My cock pulse and impatiently jogs forward in balancing my hairless balls... The video is over 20 minutes, 20 minutes of pure happiness with Monika. My heart races a little while I grab my long thick tail ready for the big game... I feel my balls that are set up in totally shaved pouches before giving up in the crotch...
  Only then I start to jerk me off slowly sliding the foreskin on the glans causing the rocking my balls dangling...
  Monika is seated, she lengthens her beautiful legs muscular, smiles with her famous mimicry, caress her swollen breasts that bounce, and then passes her hand on her pussy before to chew her humid index as a call to approach her as a signal to blend in her... It is at this moment when smiling Monika is expressed with sensuality, that not being able more, I enjoy my whole being following a rule rubing... Chills and dizziness invade me while my semen shoots first in a long throw(*), and then flows to stream powered many spasms of pleasure, forming a big well white puddle teeming with millions of lives(**)!
  Damn it, this fact of the property where it goes...! Especially with my naughty by Monika on the other side...!
  This movie is emblematic because Monika became in 3 years my muse, the desire and the pleasure symbole of my full sexual development.
  Monika remains in me as the symbol of what I search with her; the hope symbole, a meeting and nearly inaccessible love...!

   (*): the speed of ejaculation has been measured at 27.96 mph or 4.1'/s, it's huge! On mine I have not yet calculated it but am not far away! 
 (**): The semen contains 200 million sperm per 2-5 ml of sperm on average. Personally I can ejaculate more than 5ml more if I enjoy more than once in 1 hour!

  mp4 file
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 20mn 51s
  quality: average
  file size: 194 MB (640 x 480)

Video 26 : Monika Slowly

  It is with this kind of video, that we manage to get an idea of Monika, her plastic and professionalism...
  Short break to prepare me for the great game... ... ...
  Now, I'm naked, I did in little more and more it is very hot...
  Damn, what is she pretty! Damn it, I strip very hard, my cock ballasted of my balls that dangle, jogs alone, freely and non stop as to help reach its maximum length, 6.7" let me remind you...! Well yes, I think that "Popaul" has recognized its lovely muse! The rascal...! It is also content as soon as I caress its "breathable head" with my fingers: "then? What did it say?" "Hi dear Monika!" Does it seem to answer..
  While my hot and turgid cock throbs to Monika and that my balls to air sway, I continue without tired to contemplate doing a strip breathtaking. Unique opportunity to admire her young and beautiful body finely muscled in its entirety.
  Her body is also beautifully highlighted by closeups such as framed on her unusually swollen breasts, her swollen pussy, her muscular ass and legs beautiful steeple. 
  The camera glides over her body, my gaze linger on her luscious lips, while she caresses the curves of her breasts, her hips, buttocks, intimate terrain of her pussy to the labia swollen with desire, and it is at this time, my long, hard and thick member in my hand that I quickly reach the enjoyment in a powerful and stunning orgasm which extends pleasantly long seconds to the point that I will return a part the video to almost completely empty my balls...
    It is undoubtedly the best demonstration of Monika during a strip breathtaking!
  mp4 file 
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 10 min 57 s
  quality: average
  file size: 109 MB (1440 x 1080)

Video 28 : Monika Pasado

  Great video with Monika outside. Needless to say that it is in the light of the day, under the brilliance of the Sun and through the sieve of vegetation that proves the vitality of my sweet Monika.
  It is also an opportunity once more, to indulge contemplating in addition to body, her devastating ass and her wonderful pussy with the petals parting dripping cyprine...
  This is a unique video as there are lot of Monika. So here she is not static by making a simple strip. Indeed, I shiver of happiness seeing caressing and rubbing her pussy before enjoy showing her ass.
  That is, I do not hide it, the magic of these immortalized moments I enjoy all my being...!
  More than a vision and a dream. Monika is in me and lives by shiver my heart and my senses...!

  mp4 file
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 08mn 16s
  quality: average
  file size: 51.7 MB (720 x 480)

Video 29 : Monika Lagoon

  Superb video clip shot in November 2006 on the Fuerteventura island in the Canary Islands, year of the Monika's consecration.
  We naturally discover naked by 25°C in a lagoon under a blue sky.
  She is beautiful, exciting and hyper-horny especially to the vision of her pretty face, her ass arched leaving spot her mold and her wet pussy, her thighs muscled moving and vibrant then  she ambles four legged to let dangle her lovely small breasts.
  This is where I fantasize imagining walking naked on nudist beaches while it bronze incognito.
  As I would like to be there and discuss it discreetly...!

  mp4 file 
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 02 min 59 s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 84.8 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 30 : Monika Queen

  Here's a lovely video where you can admire Monika getting naked with sensuality that characterizes.
  Does suggestively stroking all over the body.
  I quickly get naked and contemplates, admire her in the devouring her face until the calves through her small tits, her belly, her pussy, her beautiful ass and her thighs.
  I let myself go to my powerful orgasm when four legged she caress her breasts, pussy and ass.
  Still as enjoyable the strip of Monika especially with her ember eyes and her ingenue pout.

  mp4 file  
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 09 min 22 sec
  quality: average
  file size: 94.7 MB (1440 x 1080)