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Monika's erotic videos to download

   I have the pleasure to show you my darling, my Monika in allher glory and all her charms in my few favorite videos. I offer you already 60 at the moment.
  This is only of erotic videos. Monika has never filmed in porn movies. She is a true professional and before all a supermodel. She is discreet, simple, smart, natural, and maintains her mystery with a lot of class.
  Therefore, Monika, which was revealed in 2002 at the age of 19 years, will become one of the most beautiful brunettes of the 2000 decade. She will be consecrated in 2006 quite logically, 4 years after her beginnings. Just reward not only natural beauty but also her personality that makes the happiness of her producers and fans including myself. This consecration is immortalized in two great videos that you can watch here, in this case "The Model Of The Year 2006 part.1 and 2".
  One more thing which I delighted in it, it is that you'll ever see the use dildos, she has a Holy horror and prefers to concentrate her demonstration on her body with great care. What she has not prevented not embrace with other girls to beginnings... It is significant and rather charming...
  You should know that Monika has turned into very many clips in solo. She is gorgeous, amazingly natural, incredibly sensual, enough to mount an uncontrollable wave of desire and pleasure...
  Indeed, as with her photos, it is with videos by Monika that I offer pleasant erotic moments allowing me to quench my libido at will, only by being naked with my big cock (6.7" x 1.8"), sitting in front of my screen away, trying to jerk before propel, stunned by the orgasm, freely my seed in form of dense and large amounts of semen(*) far enough (about 1 meter)(**) in my first spasms then flowing flowing long forming a whitish, viscous puddle... Enough to fill a glass of liqueur...! I know a few girls who are feasting with my seed or massaging the body after Cumming on belly, either climb just after Cumming on the face.
  Sperm is a liquid very rich in fructose and sorbitol and excellent health. Only downside in my opinion, its smell and taste...
  I can assure you, Monika master enters to the erotic demonstration. Me, I delight to me. I wish, and I have no doubt, that you do the same with this gorgeous girl.

 (*): semen contains about 200 million sperm for 2 to 5 ml of semen on average. Personally I can ejaculate more than 5ml and even more if I enjoy more than once in 1 hour!
  (**): the speed of ejaculation has been measured at 27.96 mph or 4.1'/s, it is huge! On mine I have not yet calculated it but am not far away! It depends on my form and the duration of restraint of my orgasm produced by contractions of my prostate.

  So here is the first Monika's erotic videos to download, Videos 1 to 10.

N.B .: to download the videos, remember to click on the images.

Video 1: Monika Swinging

  Beautiful pretty video with Monika.
  She is smiling and balance her desirable body to perfection in a warm and cozy atmosphere at idle (speed reading actual movements = 1.8 x), behind a superb and exhilarating electro music.
  Anyway this is my favorite video of Monika.
  She makes me crack when she wiggles her cute little ass and her little mold, even as she throws her small naughty smile as an invitation on the path of pleasure... 
  The evidence is my strong erection, as I mainly use this video as a virtual erotic session where I put myself entirely to hair by imagining being with her.
  It's very nice and very exciting in terms of my heart racing contemplating her charms and my long hard and thick cock throbbing, jerking and reacts to each of my hugs and tickles...
  Some pleasure, Monika takes, for sure; look at her pussy offered it dripping with cyprine(*) at the entrance of her vagina... It is this unique moment that I expect, after I masturbated at some distance from the screen where Monika shows off, while my heart is racing, to empty my balls in a stunning orgasm, propelling far enough (~ 3' 3.3") and by pleasant jerks, many powerful spurts of my seed forming a large whitish and viscous puddle on the floor below my screen.
  It is always this Monika video that allows me to quench my libido giving me an orgasm almost ' as powerful as that derived from my antics with my real girlfriend in life...
  In short, it is a very intimate and erotic moment with this great beauty, even if it is only virtual ... This makes me a world of good, believe me!
  It is each time hyper horny and hyper exciting especially when she looks at you from the corner of the eye, a true vacuum-balls...!

(*) Cyprine (love juice) is a vaginal mucus secretion forming a more or less liquid and more or less milky, secreted by the Bartholin glands in the vagina. The love juice is an anatomically lubricant emitted during sexual arousal (mental or physical stimulation). These secretions facilitate the penetration, facilitate the movement of penis increasing sexual pleasure.

  mp4 file
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 7 min 45 s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 174 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 2 : Monika In Observatory

  It is, the video which showed me Monika and that made me love.
  It was for me and so to speak a "lightning strike", a flash when I discovered her on the net.
  This light that this girl has turned on, is always present and heats my being. I never get tired of viewing loop sometimes to titillate my senses. Damn, what a body sublime! What angelic face!
  We can then appreciate her fine and desirable in their entirety curves when she cleverly squirms in a natural and relaxed atmosphere with lively music...
  Sublime, the curves of her legs. It is hard to believe that she is 5' 1". A top model in miniature somehow, but what a beauty!
  A treat this little ass where you can discover in detail her pussy and her little grey. Note a wonderful zoom on its small Mussel bristling with hairs at the same time its fine and very recognizable fleece nascent just above his hood covering her clitoris... picture...!
  To consume without moderation!!

  mp4 file  
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 3 min 25 sec
  quality: excellent
  file size: 124 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 3 : Monika The Stuff Of Life

   Still a beautiful erotic video of Monika. Even more beautiful is contemplating my beauty in all her intimacy...
  She is pretty with that smile all at once candid and naughty!
  It has a head port which is the particularity of Monika. That is what makes her charm, creates her magnetism and gives her brand of seduction so to speak. I will speak rather about female education.
  And this body where slides one of her favorite items: water! It gives relief to her forms and her curves of dream by giving a tone satin in her skin.
  Very exciting this water that flows over her body then what fondles smiling corner, this water that tumbles and drips down on her pussy open, and purple evidence once again that Monika to get off...
  How not to take to dream, to imagine with her under the shower or be side admiring her nice ass as she Wiggles magically!
  What a delight this smile! How not to succumb!
  This is my second favorite video of Monika to offer me an erotic session where I find myself naked with a high stick before enjoy my whole being by emptying my balls by large amounts of sperm.
  A living jewel as Monika all at once rare and haunting...!

  mp4 file 
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 09 min 26 s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 140 MB (720 x 408)

Video 4 : Monika In Bar Stock

  In this video, Monika enters master the erotic demonstration. It's more than exhibitionism and is even better, is the Art simply. It is indisputable, this girl has a gift, to judge how she moves her beautiful body.
  Demonstration of Monika is sublimated by the warm and felted atmosphere of an auditorium where visibly girls engage the striptease and the exhibitions, which makes all the more exciting the vision of my Monika honey on the plateau and around this long metal rod...
  Through the Dim lighting and the rhythm of a sexy music, it is immersed in her intimacy and her fun it certainly takes. We view my beautiful in all her facets, to contemplate her curves of goddess, her small natural tits, her cute little ass, her little Kitty wearing her unique tuft, her asshole discreet between her pretty muscular buttocks and her beautiful legs that alone make me hard on...
  Short, with Monika, in the warm ambiance of a concert hall nothing that for her, I'm having, before enjoy, during about 3 minutes of pure happiness...

  mp4 file  
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 3 min 04 s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 110 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 5 : Model Of The Year 2006 part. 1

   It is a video memory of two parts of the year of the sacred Monika and MC-NUDES had exclusivity. It was in 2006. She was 23 years old.
  Monika deserves this distinction, not even by viewing her beauty in all her demonstrations, which can be seen a few scenes at the same time as her interview in english that she mastered.
  We appreciate at the same time as her professionalism, her smile, her kindness, her natural, her intelligence and her availability.
  This short film attracted me because she showed me a rewarding facet of the Monika's personality and me still loved does more, as it is a pretty girl discreet but affordable, so maybe that...! 

  mp4 file  
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 5 min 36s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 211 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 6 : Model Of The Year 2006 part.2

   Without waiting here is the continuation... Smile, the brilliant glance, admiring this pretty girl quite touching...!

  mp4 file 
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 4mn 11s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 162 MB (1280 x 720)

Video 7 ; Monika Bath Bubbles

  Very nice clip in warm and cozy intimacy of Monika.
  I chose this video because you can appreciate almost sensual and the incomparable beauty of my lovely goddess.
  Damn it, what she's pretty! As I would like tickling her neck like my girlfriend... I know girls love it...! And she makes me crack a smile at any point of view...
  In addition to her flirtatious and mischievous smile, her body, her pace and in particular the head port of her own, the way she shows off, the massage her breasts swollen with pleasure, her half-open pink pussy emerging from the water and her sexy ass breathtaking with her beautiful butts apart, her asshole and her little mold, make me enjoy myself at length by providing a unique well-be... She alone, apart from my girlfriend made me this effect!
  A Word, only one; Monika is love...!

  mp4 file 
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 8mn 12s
  quality: excellente
  file size: 117 MB (640 x 480)

Video 8 : Monika Blue Cloth

   Great erotic video.
  She was shot in November 2006 on the island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands in summer temperatures (25 ° C).
  We appreciate the rugged beauty of the volcanic landscape at the same time as that of Monika both natural and sensual.
  Incredible as it feels the heat radiated from my lovely beauty.
  Magical emotion that transpires at the sight of this beautiful naked body to show off under a warm autumn sun.
  Disconcerting natural Monika naked on the volcanic rock heated by the sun...
  A treat, finally, the vision of Monika posed on a rock trying to crack, then leaving the last rays of the sun caress her pussy... You will notice that she takes, despite her natural pleasure. Proof, her tits, especially her nipples, which have swelled and her pussy that wet...
  That reminds me, in some ways, the times spent on naturist beaches in the charming company...
  In short, a great erotic time, alone with Monika, far from everything and timeless, illuminated by the desire and emotion...
  mp4 file 
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 9min 01s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 74.7 MB (640 x 480)

Video 9 : Naughty Monika

     It is actually a two-part video that I merged in order to enjoy continuous.
  I offer it to you because it is also instructive on the natural and the professionalism of Monika. Especially since there's no background music. Monika pure shall we say.
  Indeed, you'll notice as she operates beautifully this gift, how to show off her body to get naked, without simulation since that she takes pleasure to exhibit the beauty of her shapes, of caressing and expressing the wish that goes in her, as in us by her hot gaze, her facial expressions specific to her, including her small smile. We appreciate the charms of my beloved cheeky, with a master's degree and a baffling natural...
  A treat due to the number of times where I have enjoyed watching her ass and her pussy...
  I repeat myself, but she is the only one to raise this deep desire in me as if I was with her the mater taking me up to the enjoyment...
  I found grace and Monika small most accompanying my be loving beauty, pleasure and love... 

  mp4 file 
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 11 min 33 s
  quality: average
  file size: 300 MB (854 x 480)

Video 10 : Monika Chairpanties

  Still a beautiful video where you can find Monika in a striptease where she is past master.
  I never get tired to watch this superb body hyper-sensuel, beautifully enhanced by her professionalism. This increases tenfold her seduction and charm. Monika shows everything, her small smile illuminating her pretty face, her breasts inflated desires, her caresses on her body and her beautiful legs, her pretty little ass which she spreads butts to reveal her intimacy, and her pussy when she spreads her small petals purple and wet.
  There also Monika takes me to orgasm by long, strong and very pleasant ejaculations. For me, all her videos are of real balls-empty...
  In this video we find all the magic and the expression of this pretty girl that makes me crack at every moment, in every sense of the word...!

  mp4i file 
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 9 min 27 s
  quality: average
  file size: 109 MB (800 x 600)