Angelica Kitten (Her Girlfriends)

   The Czech Republic is definitely a country apart in regards to the beauty of girls. All the chicks that I reveal to you have their particularity regarding the charm and the eroticism.
   There is however a constant, apart from their bewitching beauty, it is the natural, the smile and the kindness that appears each time masking somewhere a certain candor. This is true both for Angelica and Melisa for example, as for my beloved Monika.
   Angelica is one of those girls who subjugate me and give me joy and pleasure by helping me to ignore the everyday tumults. The pretty girls of The
Czech Republic are a true youth and a pleasant change of scenery.
   Sabina Rysavá aka Angelica Kitten is a very pretty girl who just celebrated her 22 years at the time of writing (2013 28th May). She is very young and becomes the youngest of the Copines de Monika
   Angelica is a superb canon that started very early at the age of 18 in 2009.
She owes her pseudonym to the presence of a charming tattoo above her right buttock representing the kitten
Hello Kitty, a Japanese cartoon character created nearly 30 years ago and regaining renewed interest. Angelica is his mascot.
   I find it rather cute and charming, demonstrating somewhere the candid side of this pretty girl in addition to her kindness.
   Sabina aka Angelica is still a very shy girl who needs to be bathed in a relaxed, smiling and good-natured atmosphere to reveal her charms and erotic potential. Once reassured, Angelica surprises us with her erotic demonstrations during her photo shoots and porn scenes. Eroticism and exhibitionism, like other babes of her temper, are a way for her to dare and assume her nakedness; I want for example her nude scenes in public in the streets of
Prague. It is not in France that one risks to meet such girls. Normal, the Czech Republic is still in full "sexual revolution".
   So, you've understood, Angelica quickly became a beautiful porn actress who metamorphoses surprisingly during her sometimes "hard" scenes. Angelica wants to turn pornography, was initiated as soon as she appeared by
Rocco Siffredi, well known as actor and producer of porn movies of Italian origin.
   I became addicted to this girl just by watching her films. Angelica is revealed, flourishes and metamorphoses thanks to her achievements at the same time as she gives me a great pleasant sensations by making me enjoy like never before.

  Not to say, Angelica is a superb canon, a chick whose personality closely resembles that of Monika. She is however much younger and above all, she does not "cold in the eyes"...
   Angelica has thus become a real professional in a short time and flourishes in what she does.
   I love watching her face and body. Angelica has a very particular physique and that is what makes her charm, especially her pretty face, very fine as drawn by Mother Nature with incredible delicacy and imagination. It is visible only by looking at the shape of her lower jaw which, starting from the ears, is refined to a small chin, giving Angelica her ingenious adolescent side. This particularity and the shape of her face highlight a superb look with hazel eyes refined by a long nose very thin, and which illuminates when she smiles. There, she makes me crack especially when with her luscious lips she gets to do the "ass of chicken".
   Her unique face framed by very long black hair and surmounting a very fine neck rests on thin shoulders extended by muscular arms.
   My gaze descends on this fascinating cannon and lingers on her natural chest with beautiful and big tits that point in the form of shells during her photo shoots and especially during her porn scenes. I enjoy systematically and without restraint when I see them agitate during her somersaults.
   I arrive on her muscular belly where the navel is decorated with a piercing in the form of a beautiful pendant in the form of bright silver sun.
Angelica turns, making me discover, in addition to a back to the perfect muscles, a beautiful buttocks ass well bounced.
   A paradisiacal vision that the ass of Angelica! I am completely naked in front of my screen with my craft to the maximum; Angelica spreads her buttocks to make me discover her stretched bullet hole at the same time her pussy lips very fleshy and fleshy, letting the glimpse of the wet entrance of her vagina with a nice little bunch of long pubic hair. Very, very exciting. But I have not seen anything yet!
   Angelica is slumped in front, smiling, now her legs folded and spread, letting me contemplate her pretty breasts pointing and dangling on her stomach, spreading her two large pink petals out of her fingers to make me discover under a small thick tuft, a real erotic treasure; A large clitoris visible, a pink and wet vulva, an outlet of the urethra dilated as if she was going to piss (one of my fantasies) and the dilated entrance of her vagina that you guess deep... No wonder Angelica has become a superb and amazing porn actress. She is an unsuspected enjoyer of blossoming beauty.
   I descend on her thighs and calves beautifully curved forming beautiful legs worthy of a real top model.
   With this beautiful beauty with very particular charms, Angelica offers me real moments of unique intimacy where pleasure and enjoyment will forever reign supreme.

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Sabina Rysavá's profile (aka Angelica Kitten):

Angelica was born on May 28th, 1991 in
Prague (Czech Republic). Rest in peace little kitten...
Birthname: Sabina Rysavá
Astrological sign: Gemini
Measurements: 32B-24-32
Size: 5' 5 "
Weight: 119lbs
Hazel eyes
Dark hair
Special features: a pretty tatoo representing the kitten
Hello Kitty above her right buttock and a piercing on the navel.

Died suddenly (suicide) on August 26, 2017. Rest in peace pretty kitten...

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