Anetta Keys (Her Girlfriends)

   Anetta Keys is a very pretty metis girl from Czech Republic. This gorgeous top-model began her career in 2002, 5 months after her 18 years with Pierre Woodman. She is consecrated in several charming magazines such as Hustler and Penthouse where she appears as Miss December 2003 and then in the Czech edition of Playboy as Miss January 2004. As always, following this, Anetta made a meteoric career in the World of charm and porn before focusing solely on photography and soft videos in 2007. She remains active as a top model.
   Anetta has a beautiful body. I do not hesitate to say that it is a cannon. I love her sparkling eyes. She has a nice smile that illuminates her no less pretty exotic face. This smile comes from her luscious mouth, wide and radiating her face. Anetta reminds me of those pretty naiads that one meets in the heavenly islands of the Pacific...
   This girl is chewable not only because of her seductive smile but because she possesses a dream physique. To bite her small natural breasts that one can easily take with her hands. Imagine the caresses on her wide and thin shoulders. Let us venture on her belly and her size and arrive on her hips wide and welcoming...
   I turn around and here I am on her adorable little ass. It is her ass that makes Anetta so attractive, especially since she has a perfect camber making it even more appetizing...
   She leans and what do I see? Her little bullet hole between two pretty buttocks well rebounded, but especially her beautiful apricot all shaved revealing two drooling fleshy goods between her two large lips all smooth. When she spreads her two petals one will almost always notice a wet vulva with her vagina almost always ajar, especially after slipping her two fingers... Anetta is like Monika, more demonstrative, in the way to take her foot facing the 'goal. She's a very hot girl.
   As soon as possible, I will unveil she in some of her videos...
   I continue and I go down her hips to admire her legs and her beautiful curves that as for Monika make me bend when my eyes slips and caresses them...
   A very pretty face of angel, small breasts to chew, a belly and hips welcoming but especially an ass adorable and perfect with legs beautiful, Anetta quickly became a attractive, sexy, very hot and hyper-horny.

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Aneta Šmrhová's profile (aka Anetta Keys):

Anetta was born on November 18th, 1983 in
Krivoklát (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Aneta Šmrhová
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Measurements: 34B-24-34
Size: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hazel eyes
Brown hair
Special features: piercing on the nose, tongue and navel with a superb tattoo style Tribal lower back over her right buttock.

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