Victoria Rose (Her Girlfriends)

  Zuzana Chlubná aka Victoria Rose is a pretty girl of 29 years old from Czech Republic.
   She is a beautiful girl whose character has been forged in the course of her rather chaotic career, especially with regard to her career.
   Before making pornography Victoria was barmaid and still is. Indeed, pornography is an ancillary activity that she does with great pleasure because she loves to fuck with men, but not with girls.
   But, Victoria remains and will remain above all a pornstar. She is known for that, of course.
Victoria began her career in 2005. Yet her debut was difficult.
   Indeed, her first hard scene with
Rocco Siffredi was a bad memory, physically painful. This is conceivable, considering the "machine" of Rocco (9" !). But the worst was the preparation for the anal sex with Pierre Woodman, an adept of the sodomy (it is his bottom of trade). Victoria did not stand it and she will have a very bad memory, one more. As a result, she will never renew the experiment. It must be regarded as a youthful error which, however, was decisive for the rest of her career thanks to her intelligence and her suppleness of mind. Adept of the pleasures of sex, this did not prevent her from continuing, quite the contrary.
   In short, Victoria is a sensitive girl, rather nice and conciliatory possessing a lot of humor but who knows what she wants from where character became well tempered. In addition, his pronounced taste for sexual pleasures helped him a lot and propelled him to the front of the stage and so it did not stop Victoria from becoming what it is; A beautiful pornstar known and recognized who loves to party.
   Victoria has participated in many Sex Party and exhibition. Her best memory was at
Venus Berlin in 2006 where erotic exhibitions take place in a very festive atmosphere. These performances serve to promote both pornographic film agencies and porno top-models or actresses. This is how Victoria, representing EROMAXX has been revealed by exhibiting her charms so that she can devote herself fully to her pornstar job.
   She ended her brilliant and short career in 2011.
   Physically, Victoria is rather pleasant to watch. Pretty face, especially when she smiles. A perfect body. From small tits to small but prominent nipples, an incredible camber and a superb ass. This is one of my favorites with that of Melisa and Monika... and my girlfriend, of course...!
   The true peculiarity of Victoria, and that made her celebrity in pornography, is her pussy. It is shaved except a tuft of V-shaped hair pointing towards her crack; we will recognize her signature very naughty...
   But look carefully, you can not miss them, her big fleshy petals that emerge from her mold and hang between her legs. A physical peculiarity that produces a very big effect on my libido. Indeed I love to admire this kind of labia minora in girls, which in fact represent skin folds more or less thick and extensive, equivalents atrophied of the pendulous bursa containing the testes of the man (like the clitoris which Is the glans of an atrophied penis become extremely sensitive)... It is especially very lively, excitable at will and especially good to lick and suck... The girls love it, I know...
   In short, Victoria is made for sex and her delusions. She possesses all the attires where it is necessary.
   A perfect body, a beautiful look, enormous charm, a nice smile, a unique ass and a pussy, a character well tempered but full of humor, loving sex, Victoria's destiny was all traced.

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Zuzana Chlubná's profile (aka Victoria Rose):

Victoria was born on April 19th, 1984 in
Havlíčkův Brod (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Zuzana Chlubná
Astrological sign: Aries
Measurements: 34A-25-37
Size: 5' 7"
Weight: 114 lbs
Hazel eyes
Dark hair
Special features: piercing mainly on the left nostril and the navel, sometimes on the lower lip and the "hood" masking the clitoris.

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