Tinna (Her Girlfriends)

   This very pretty girl of 30 years old from Czech Republic named Hana, or Hannah, gives me a hard time with regard to her biography. I find it very difficult to trace her very recent career since she began her career in 2007.

   Indeed, She is extremely discreet despite her many erotic photos and videos.
   Tinna is a very sexy and mysterious girl like Monika. Tinna, on the other hand, is very focused on sex and often uses dildos, like many chicks, whether in her videos or on her pictures when she shakes. For my part I prefer when she masturbates with her fingers by pushing her into her vagina. Tinna is then a sacred enjoyer because of the sweeping of her pussy very quickly causing her spasms of enjoyment, betrayed by her moans and characteristic rales.
   Besides, I offer you on the page "
Videos" one of her many filmed appearances where she masturbates to orgasm, perfectly reflecting the character and approach of sex without taboo of this beautiful beauty. However, like Monika, you will never see her appear in porn movies with men but only solo or duo in very daring lesbian scenes.
   All I know about her is that she has a passion for dance and exhibition. She loves posing as well as model or naked in the most suggestive and explicit positions. It is a way for her to disinhibit and fight against a certain shyness that is reflected in her adolescent gaze.
   Indeed, Tinna, although slightly older than Monika but younger than her age, appeared quite late, when she was 24 years old.
   She has superb attires, a pretty face with a square mandible that has kept the finesse of her adolescence. Her smile is extraordinary and confers on Tinna's face a radiant and bewitching look, amplified by a pretty fine neck framed by a pretty black hair, as for Monika.
   Monika and Tinna are similar in many respects.
   The nut-colored doe eyes and the finesse of Tinna's face make an enormous effect, causing my instantaneous erection, with that impatience that characterizes me, to discover her completely naked and in all her intimacy.
   Tinna is of Eurasian type and the beauty of her fine face features is emphasized by a nice nose and a very fine mouth.
   Her shoulders are just as fine, her arms and her delicate hands. Her tits are small but well formed especially when she is excited. One can see her nipples swell by sight of her photos and videos, fingers in her pussy, her face grimacing with pleasure and her body overrun with spasms.
   Tinna's pussy is completely shaved, no hair, none, which magnifies the youth of her body. Moreover, you will have noticed the narrowness of her pussy with small lips very discreet, appearing between lips rather thick. It is a peculiarity of Tinna; her mold swollen with desires revealing a small treasure of pleasures when spreading her damp petals. This sometimes allows her to push two of her fingers to tickle her vagina or a big dildo that brings her pussy deep into her pussy.
   But what makes the celebrity of Tinna, as for many of these babes of Czech origin, is her ass!
   Tinna has an ass magnified by her wide hips giving him superb and incredible buttocks very well enhanced by a camber of dream, especially when she is on all fours and doggy style, ready to be stuffed...
   It is to the vision of her extraordinary face smiling over her ass, her swollen mold and her ball hole adorned with a fine down, like Monika's, that I enjoy my whole being. A real delight that this perfect body!
   In the same way matting Tinna's superb gambols smiling, I happen to enjoy, happy to have let me go to a beauty unparalleled in the middle of the top models!
   Hannah aka Tinna is a very pretty girl, with very special charm, at the same time very attractive, very sexy and very warm, even if she conceals at the bottom, a certain timidity and candor specific to the Czech babes, revealing her personality to several faces of which a very young girl "wise" with the feline look, happy to be naked over a drowsy volcano...

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Hana Škrabalová's profile (alias Tinna ou Debby):

Tinna was born on July 27th, 1983 in
Brno (Czech Republic)
Birthname: Hana Škrabalová
Astrological sign: Leo
Measurements: 34B-24-35
Size: 5' 7"
Weight: 119 lbs
Hazel eyes
Dark hair
Special feature: none, no tattoo, no piercing and no hair visible! her peculiarity is the rapture she causes to the vision of her body entirely natural!

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